Friday, March 27, 2009

march twenty-seven

This morning after dropping Sean off at daycare, I headed (as usual) to my nutritionsist. As of today, I've lost a total of 33.7 inches over all off my body. Wow! I'm impressed. (And let me tell you I'm very happy with my new curves...!) I'm only up .2 lbs from last week (I had gained 1.8 lbs but then lost 1.6 lbs this week) due to a little bloatiness from a friend (Ms. Aunt Flo) who will visit next week. I'm super happy it was just 1.8 lbs, and not more. My nutritionist says that some women gain even 4 lbs when it's that time of the month. Phew. Not me. I'd get depressed probably if the scale jumped 4 lbs. And then I'd probably want to shove my face with food. Yes, not only was I pregnant 18 months out of the last 36 (Sean is now 27 months old + 9 months of pregnancy = 36 months) but I love food. I felt while pregnant that I could eat whatever I wanted because I had the excuse that I was pregnant. Let's just say I don't recommend that. And if we should ever have a 3rd child (probably not, because Jamie's so set on just having 2 kids as this world if made for families for 4)..... that I would do things differently (way differently) should I get pregnant again. Ok, rant over. And next week.... I'll be better, do better, and lose more. Though, I'm still very happy that I've lost 5 inches over all from last week and that's huge. Still losing inches even if I'm bloated. I guess I'm okay with that.

When we got in from the nutritionist, I got Mack to take a nap. Doesn't this image just make you want to jump into his crib with him and cuddle and nap too? He looks so super cozy. I love it.

While Mack napped, I ran on the treadmill and showered before having to wake up Mack for his music class.

On our way out, I caught Jazz hanging out under Mack's jumperoo, catching some Zzzz, and thought I'd snap a photo of him. I rarely photograph the cats anymore, since the kids have been born.

Music was fun. Mack was being Mr. Independant and took off crawling his way over to the music teacher. He sat on her lap for a while until he decided to crawl off.

And then he went to go sit by someone else and hung out there for a while. He's too funny.

After music I went to the mall with one of the moms in the music class and her son, I had lunch, and we just talked for a bit. We also walked around for a little bit, it was nice. I didn't have a stroller on me, so I wore Mack in one of my slings. (Boy is he getting heavy).

After I left the mall, I went to go pick up Sean from daycare. He was a really good boy today, he listened and didn't hit or push any kids (maybe that girl pushing him down was the best thing!) We'll see how next week goes.

It was so nice outside when we got home that I stayed outside for about an hour with both kids and enjoyed the weather. I asked Sean to shove some snow for me. I told him I didn't want it on our lawn anymore, so he had to fill up his bucket. He was so cute shoveling the snow into the little bucket.

Mack & his crazy hair!

My boys!

My step-mother-in-law and father-in-law came from dinner tonight. My mother-in-law brought her homemade meat sauce, which I haven't made in a while (due to my eating plan) and it was nice to have. I don't usually eat starches after 5pm but I made an exception to have it for dinner tonight (spaghetti). MMm, it was good!

My step-MIL found some scrabble tiles at a Value Village for me, but unfortunately they smell like mold. She tried washing them, though that didn't really work. Does anyone know of a trick for getting a moldy smell out of wood tiles? If I can't get the smell out, they were not expensive, she told me just to throw them out - but I figured there is no harm in trying, and worse case, I throw them out as I just said. Maybe bleach?? CLR??


Johanna said...

If you can find wintergreen scented rubbing alcohol, that is the best thing for both killing and removing the smell of mold. If not the scented just use the regular.

Good luck!

Living Inspired said...

thata boy! shovel that snow...snow snow go away...come, don't come again!

Hope to see you tomorrow night! I'm planning to be there.

g-girl said...

how cute-sean shoveling the snow for his mommy. :)

Tara said...

I'd go with bleach on the tiles.

Looks like Mack will be keeping his blue eyes, eh? Does Sean have blue eyes as well?