Thursday, March 05, 2009

march five

I've been slowly re-organizing my office. This was step one. I realized that I didn't have enough vases (so I'll have to go out and get another one), and then finalize what I was doing here. (I collect knitting needles - can you tell?)

Today I stayed in and got a lot of work done. I was really happy at the end of the day before picking up Sean from daycare the amount of work I got accomplished. Mack had a nice nap and that allowed me to do all the work I needed to take care of.

Mack today figured out how to pull himself up onto the ottoman in the den. Oh, it's over...! (And if you can see, Mack's little fingers are going after the remote control. What with men(boys) and remote controls??

Oy, my boys are the loves of my life. I love them so much. Not sure what I'd do without them (even though some days I do want to rip my hair out!)

Sean's curls are coming back! (Which means that sometime soon he'll need to get a haircut, but I'm waiting to see how long I can make it last before getting him one, I miss his curls!)

Today in the mail I received my last installment of the Scout's Swag Sock Club. It's called Spring-ish. Not really my cup of tea, so I have it for destash on Ravelry (in case anyone is interested in it)

Picking up Sean from daycare today, and yesterday as well actually, Sean threw a fit and just wanted to go to the side door of the daycare, and took a fit in the cubby area. He didn't want to put on his jacket, boots, etc. And he proceeded to kicked & hit while I was trying to get him dressed. And then, he proceeded to kick & screamed in car, and decided to kick the shit out of the dvd player that is on the back of my seat, which is where Sean sits in the car (behind me - and Mack's bucket goes behind the passenger's seat). Oh what fun the terrible two's can be. So I took away the DVD player, and of course that didn't sit well with him either....

Oh! Oh! Oh! Good news! I found my prescription sunglasses! I'm super happy! And it was fluke too that I found them, but I suppose I would have found it anyhow by the time it came to clean up the garage. I knew it was last seen in the garage/my car, but I couldn't figure out where. I knew I had cleaned up the car when I took my car into Acura back in December, since they had it for an entire week. I had taken everything out of the car. So I knew that was approximately the last time I saw them. Anyhow, I don't know what possessed me to look inside our Graco Double Stroller, but I did, and saw a plastic bag that had random items from my car in it, including my sunglasses! Whoot! I'm so freakin' happy. Maybe now (here's to hoping) that Sophie will turn up! (Crossing my fingers!) I guess I tend to find things when I'm not looking for them, right? Maybe I should just hope Sophie will turn up that way. (Or not...!)


Bea said...

Go Mack Go!! Congrats on finding your sunglasses and starting to get things organized.

Amelah said...

Go Mackie!!!! LOL poor u :) Before u know it he will be talking, and running around and askin for the car keys!!!!!!!!!!

Love Sean's curls

Jenn said...

I keep meaning to tell you about our eczema problems.

All the kids had it and James and Katie have grown out of it. Ben (5) still has it.

The doctors gave us precription creams, but they didn;t work very well. We use Eucerin Cream. The kind that comes in a tub and is really thick. We put it in right after bath and also in the morning.

It really is the only thing that has worked for their dry patches. We now use it after every bath even on Katie and James.

We also had to go to an every other day bath for the kids. We only use Dove for sensitive skin soap per our dermatologist. I also use dye and fragrance free laundry soap.

Hope that helps. At least you could start using the cream until you can get him into the doc. :-)

Living Inspired said...

love the needles in the vases!

Big Girl Feet said...

Love the knitting needles in the vases- how cool!!
your guys are so sweet- you can tell they wil get into all kinds of fun together as they get older!

My open roads said...

I love your display of needles, those vases are very cool! :)

Tara said...

I hope those needles are on a high shelf, your boys are going to want to get their hands on them in no time! And I keep forgetting how blonde Sean is!

dawn said...

Ahhh the life of a two year old. Mine does the same thing. Here's to hoping it's over soon.

g-girl said...

and now he's off! :) sorry to hear about the tantrum sean threw at pick up. hopefully they won't become a regular thing. yay for finding your sunglasses and here's to hoping sophie resurfaces soon too. :)