Sunday, March 22, 2009

march twenty-two :: 116 weeks old

Sean is 116 weeks old today.

Today was another day full of some errands. First stop was to the Hardware Store. Sean took interest in one of the magazines that was there. I needed to pick up some last minute seeds for my garden (last year I planted my seeds on March 19th in my indoor greenhouse, and this year, I decided I was going to wait another week or so, as I'm going to plant another week or two later than I did last year so none of my plants die. (Last year there was still some frost in late May after I planted so some of my plants died).

Ahhh, the joys of having 2 boys. Boy toys. Everywhere. Even in the window of my car...!

We took the boys to the pet store this afternoon so Sean could look at the animals. He was so funny in the pet store, asking the names of all the animals he saw. I think his fave one today was the rats. Ew. I hope he never asks to get one.

Tonight we had my family over for dinner. We usually go to my parents house for dinner (or go out sometimes) but my parents dog has some sort of infection on his foot (he had minor surgery for it last week or so) and my parents ended up having to wash all the carpets in their home because of it. Since I do not want Mack crawling on their carpets until all the rooms are done, we decided it would be easier to have them all here. My dad's parents came out to see the kids, and brought some clothing for the boys with them from their recent trip to Florida. Something for Mack in 18 month size and something for Sean in size 3. Perfect. Neither of them are in that size yet, so they'll eventually grow into it.

Going to go plop on the couch, knit & watch Desperate Housewives.


Bea said...

I bet the pet store was a lot of fun. I can just imagine Sean's excitement!

Nell said...

Sean has such a serious face in that magazine picture. Made me chuckle.

g-girl said...

that is a great shot of you with sean! ahh, the pet shop! i still ove going into them!

Tara said...

Talk about toys everywhere, the other day a toy dinosaur fell out of my bra when I got undressed!