Saturday, March 14, 2009

march fourteen

Today I tried to sleep in as much as possible, though, that's not always entirely possible. I did get some extra shut eye, but my body is telling me that I need more sleep. Solution? Go to bed earlier. Possibility of making that happen? Not so likely unfortunately. My time after the boys go to sleep each night is precious to me, and I have so little time to myself (I know, one of the sacrifices I gave up when becoming a mother). I'm a night owl on top of it, I work best at night. I am the most creative late at night. My house is quiet late at night. My house is also clean late at night. (I always clean up after the boys after they've gone to bed). I guess I will have to sacrifice a little bit of sleep in order to have some "me" time.

The hubster left me with both kids late morning as he wanted to go out for a bit. Sean of course ransacked the playroom (though, it's his to ransack) while I was upstairs changing Mack's diaper. In the course of 5 minutes he dumped the puzzle pieces off of about 8 wood puzzles, pulled out toys out from all the bins in the unit in there, dumped all the books off the shelf, and just threw things everywhere. I couldn't believe how much he destroyed in there. Unbelievable. The next thing I'd like to work on with him, is cleaning up! He doesn't put things back where he took them from, and just leaves things on the floor, etc.

This afternoon, after some fight, Sean did take a nice enough nap. Last weekend was a disaster with the napping, today, we're progressing a bit better. Hopefully by tomorrow we can get him back to napping properly. That would be nice.

For dinner tonight, after I picked up my brother we had Quiznos. I ordered a salad with chicken on it. I was not impressed. I don't think I'll be eating that again. The prices was outrageous for their "large" salad, which you got practically nothing. It was no where near filling. Not my cup of tea, that's for sure. But for dinner tonight, it was the only solution.

This evening I went to the Habs game with my brother (yes, he's wearing a Devils Jersey. While he's a fan of the Habs, he's a fan of the Devils when they come in town and he's sporting a Martin Brodeur Jersey). Unfortunately we lost 3-1. I've never seen our crowd cheer at the end of a game for another team that won. The entire Bell Center was cheering on the Devils. Why??

Because tonight, Martin Brodeur tied Patrick Roy's record of most career wins as a goalie. (And obviously it'll be a matter of time before he beats it.. (next game they play?)). Anyhow, Patrick Roy was actually at the game tonight, as well as a lot of Brodeur fans. Brodeur himself is from Montreal. What's really neat is that Martin Brodeur's father was a goaltender in the NHL and after his career was over, he was a photographer for the Habs. Martin grew up idolizing Patrick Roy (who used to play for the Habs as well).

Tonight I worked on my Go Habs Go Sock. Honestly, all I have left to do on sock number 1 is to close the toe and the graft 'em shut. I should be going to at least 2 more games this season (we may have tickets next Saturday night, and as well I have tickets just after that for sure). So I definitely have time to finish sock number 1 and start sock number 2, but I don't know if I will have enough time to finish both socks this season, and I don't want to have to bend the rules (working only on them at games!)

I love them. I can't wait to finish them both to have them to wear to games (or on game night!) They'll be my lucky Habs socks! GO HABS GO!


Bea said...

The socks are cool. I guess it would be a bit of a wait to finish them next season...

Tara said...

Getting the kids to pick up after themselves is a constant struggle, I agree. Keep at it though!

g-girl said...

the sock is coming along nicely! i'm not a fan of quiznos either particularly their outrageous prices!