Monday, March 23, 2009

march twenty-three

Mack had a late nap today after we got back home from dropping off Sean at daycare and going to the nutritionist. So we missed out on playgroup today. I definitely want to see if maybe the morning playgroup can be pushed to later on, as a lot of the babies take late morning naps.

I've been wanting to show you my March Sock Club yarn (pattern to follow soon!). It's Tanis Fiber Arts in Baie de Sureau. It's a lovely purple colorway. I think Tanis' yarn is by far one of my fave yarns ever. Her stuff just ROCKS!

And here is the first installment of my Mini Skein of the Month Club (for the Blanket Project). Are they just delicious? I love the mini skeins. They just rock! And the colors are yummy delicious! My club is running March-April-May, and is sold out. I'll let you know if I choose to run it in June-July-August, and when I open up new sign ups.

I hate picking up Sean from daycare these days. All I hear is that he pushed this kid, or threw that toy. It's starting to bother me. I don't know what I'm doing wrong that he's behaving like this. And I have to keep reminding myself that he's a boy and he's only just turned 2. It's hard. I always thought that I would raise these well behaved boys, and then I have Sean who is a very active (hyper?) kid, who doesn't always listen. I'm hoping he outgrows this soon.

This evening I worked on some knitting while watching some TV with Jamie. I've been so tired lately by the time both kids are in bed. It's just exhausting having 2 kids 2 years old and under (even when 1 goes to daycare during the day). Mack's on the go now, and it's now a whole other ballgame.

I've been using the treadmill on a very regular basis. I even started running on it. I want to add on about 15 seconds of runnning every time I use the treadmill, and see how long I can last runnning. Right now, I can do about a minute at 6.5 miles per hour. (I usually speed walk on it at about 5.0-5.5. I've grown up with mild asthma, so I'm trying to train myself slowly. I'll get there!

Some Robyn's Nest news, I have re-stocked the shop with Stitch Savers. I've also got a few April 2009 Sock Club kits left in stock, which I will be doing the dying (Flock of Feathers Sock), so please come by and support me by purchasing a kit. You will NOT regret it! (May's sock club is sold out, so if you want to get your hands on an April kit - please do so before it's sold out as well!) Even my husband who is not a knitter, was pretty darn impressed with April's sock club yarn. Please come support the club! Also, Zen Yarn Garden Bling yarn is currently on sale from 29$ to 21$.


Bea said...

The mini skiens are so cute!

window dressing said...

I have been following your blog for a while now and just love it. I have recently put on quite a few pounds and thinking of getting back to exercise to lose them and gain more energy. I applaude your perseverance. I usually find every excuse in the book "not" to exercise and here you have two kids to take care of and still you're accomplishing it. Good for you.

Sarah B. said...

Bean has been a little more agressive recently when she's frustrated, too. I keep reminding her that I don't hit her, so she's not allowed to hit me, followed by time-outs. Hang in there, they will outgrow this!

Nell said...

Mini-skein of the month?!?!??! That's awesome!

dawn said...

Don't worry about Sean too much. You just have to keep doing what you're doing and he'll learn. My son who is now 5 was has always been hyper, but we made sure we kept on top of it and now he is one of the better behaved kids at school.

g-girl said...

tanis' yarn is pretty. i still haven't had the heart to use the skein that came with the mathematical equation pattern!

Tara said...

You're not doing anything wrong, Robyn. They call them the terrible two's for a reason, you know. Hang in there.