Friday, March 13, 2009

march thirteen

Two months in a row, Friday the 13th. I wonder how often that happens. Eery... Friday the 13th.

This is not even half the mess that is usually in my bedroom every morning. Sean likes to dump stuff out. Sometimes it's just out of the toy chest in my room. Sometimes it's just from my personal dresser (or my husband's personal dressers). Sometimes it's from both the toy chest & my dresser. I am constantly picking up after him, he doesn't put things away. I can't get him to put things away or pick things up after himself. Does anyone have any tricks for getting a 2 year old to clean up? Or do I have to give up until he's a little older and deal with it and for now, pick up after him?

Mack was really super cranky this morning, and decided to fall asleep just 15 minutes before his music class was going to start, so we missed it today. And the mother from Monday's afternoon playgroup who caused an immature hoop-lah (which I don't think I blogged about, but a 28 year old mother should not by crying and bitching that her son wasn't in any of the playgroup pictures because she didn't put her son in them - she swears no one gave her the chance, which is NOT true) and who caused me problems with this music class before it even started showed up today to the music class and just paid for today's class ("pay as you go"). Honestly, if she shows up again, I'm asking her to leave. I do not have the time to deal with high school - or rather even elementary school bullshit/immaturity. No thanks. I don't need that in my life. It's honestly no loss for me. All that ever comes out of her mouth is "My mommy bought me this, my daddy paid for that".... So damn annoying. It's almost a damn good thing I wasn't there today to see her show up. Especially sicne she wasn't invited into this class. According to one of the mothers that was there today she was really annoying and talking during the class, and talking to her son like "Oh, you know things song, we sing it to you all the time" while the teacher/music girl was singing so, it was disruptive and annoying. Sing the song with the teacher/music girl, don't talk to your kid and ruin it for everyone else!

This morning at the nutritionist, I lost inches around waist, but havent gained or lost any weight since Monday. My nutritionist says not to worry, that I did lose 1.8 lbs from last Friday to Monday, so I still have 1.8 lbs lost from this week. She told me it may be because I've been working out on the treadmill and doing ab work outs. (Muscle). She said we'll evaluate on Monday if I don't lose any more weight by then. (She would adjust my meal plan guideline if that would be the case). Crossing my fingers that I end up losing some weight on Monday!

This afternoon I did a post office run, and my post office is inside a pharmacy (which I actually like because this way if I need anything from the pharmacy, it's one less time to take Mack out of the car in the bucket (he's getting super heavy in that thing... I cannot wait until he's done with the bucket!) and there was a special on prints. So I prepared my photo order on cd-rom and had it in my purse for the next time I was there to do it. The special was in store only, usually I order my prints online, and then pick them up when they are ready. Anyhow, somehow my order didn't go through properly the first time after I sat there and adjusted all the pictures (framing wise), and selected how many copies I wanted per photo (and my order had 216 photos). I had to re-do it, it was super annoying! The re-selecting and all that wasn't the annoying part, it was waiting for their kiosk to load up my 216 images that was the issue. My files are all full resolution images, for the best print quality. (This is why I prefer to do it at home on my PC! I can walk away while it's loading and come back to it when it's done! I can't really walk away fromt he Kiosk at the pharmacy. Especially since there was only 1 kiosk and someone else waiting for it after me!) It took a while but I finally got my photo order organized and done. I can't wait to pick up these photos next week.

Speaking of photos, Sean recently received his "class" photo from daycare. Some of these kids are no longer in his class, they've either left the daycare or they've moved on to the next classroom. Sean is the top right hand corner. (Navy shirt!) In the older classes you get a group shot of the class, but in the younger classes, they give them to you like this - each kid's picture on a montage to make 1 class shot... I guess 2 year olds just don't sit still for a class shot!

This evening my in-laws came for dinner, and after dinner we started a game of Chicken Foot. Everyone got too tired to finish, so we'll finish where we left off next time. I really like that game - it's a lot of fun. Right now, I'm in 2nd place! Trying to beat Jamie out of first.


Hattie said...

Definitely get him to start now, before he gets used to you doing it! My daughter is almost 3 now, but both she and my 4 year old are required to pick up their own stuff, and they do.

He won't do all of it probably, but he can definitely help. Make it a game, or tell him he can't do something else fun till he does. Mine learned pretty quick. We also tell them they aren't allowed to take too many things out, before they pick up the other stuff.

Nell said...

Great picture of Sean's class. So cute at that age!

Bea said...

You know we have three Friday the 13ths this year right? There is one in November too.

Tara said...

I can't wait to get Émilie's first class photo when she starts kindergarten in the Fall!

g-girl said...

i hadn't even realized that we've had two months in a row with firday the 13th. that is strange. while i was home visiting my niece, she was exhibiting difficulty cleaning up as well (guess this is her MO!) and all I did was say that I would help her and I started to help her but made sure she picked up most of her toys. oh, i love sean's class photo! :)