Thursday, February 18, 2010

february eighteen

Today I only got the chance to watch one movie – Raman Girl. Rhoda had recommended this movie to me a while ago, so I finally got the chance to watch it. It’s one of Brittany Murphy’s last movies, released in 2008. She was super cute in that movie. It had subtitles for some of the movie, but other than that, it was a cute movie. I also finished watching last night’s episode of Nip/Tuck, which I fell asleep watching last night. Boy that show is getting even more messed up than ever. Does anyone know if it’s the last season? I think I heard that, but I’m not entirely certain if that’s true?


My February Lady Sweater is coming along!
Today I managed to knit on rows 73-84 this evening, which is now 9 full Gull Lace Repeats.
However, I took this photo before knitting more on it.


Lovin’ it.


Today I finally found some time to put up some decals in Sean’s room to surprise him. He had no idea about the solar system that I put in his room on his wall.


He did know about the alphabet decals, because those he got for his birthday. I lined them on his wall along the top. He loved it. I think decals are so great because they’re removable.


The shower is now all tiled. It’s coming along. No way is this going to be finished by Friday. Now it’s maybe Monday or Tuesday. Ah… gotta love contractors! I just want it to be finished already.

The good thing about being at home is I had the guy come today (since I was home anyhow) to replace the humidifier on our furnace. He was finished late afternoon. When Jamie got home from work, there was a flood in our furnace room, the humidifier was leaking. So we called the guy, he told us how to shut it off, and they’ll be back first thing tomorrow morning to fix the valve. It’s a good thing that Jamie went in that room to take a look at what they did, otherwise we’d never have known it was leaking. We do go in the furnace room, as we have an extra fridge in there, but we never go behind the furnace, where the humidifier is located. I can’t wait for that to be working again, I’m tired of waking up with dry (and some time bloody) noses. And Mack’s skin (eczema) might clear up a bit once that’s working too (here’s to hoping).


Bea said...

The sweater looks awesome. I'm glad your getting through it! You can totally finish on time. The wall decals are pretty cool. Think of the shower delay as a couple more days of getting stuff done around the house.

Amelah said...

Sweater is coming along great!

Is the shower stall smaller inside? Or does it extend to the right inside that is blocked by the wall? Maybe it is the angle of the picture....

Anonymous said...

That sweater is going to be gorgeous on you! p.s. it IS N/T's last season.

g-girl said...

glad you liked ramen girl! :) i had heard this was going to be the very last season for nip/tuck cos the creator was spending SO much time on 'glee.' your fls is going to be absolutely gorgeous! :)

Tara said...

Oooooh, nice shower tiles! I'm jealous, my shower is one of those plastic units. Must get on that someday!