Saturday, February 06, 2010

february six


Mr. Mack likes to pose for the camera. He likes to make silly faces!


The kids were having fun taking rides in the suitcase. If only I’d realized earlier this was something that would entertain them!

Mommy took them both for a ride. They giggled the entire time.


Mackie came into my office and showed me that Sean’s Dino hat fits him.
I decided I would make him one as well.
Isn’t he cute in it?

Sean discovered that Jamie has youtube on his ipod touch and that he can get endless hours of Caillou and Spiderman on there. He’s now obsessed. But now we know that if we keep earphones (or earmuffs as Sean calls them) in the car, and we’re out somewhere, it’s something that we can entertain Sean with if we need to use it. And we always have it on us (I have one as well as Jamie). Instant child entertainment!


So I love cool stuff for kids. I picked up the star and the square bread & crust cutters while in Florida. Then upon returning home, I found the other 2, the heart and the dino bread cutters. They’re wicked. I can’t wait to make a sandwich for the kids! (And maybe a dino one for myself too?)


I’ve been decorating in my kitchen lately. If you’re interested in reading the top 2 (they’re really cute!) You can view them here.


I was going to make Mack's Roar in the same colors as Sean's, but just reversed... BUT, his jacket it black & red, and that wouldn't go with blue & green. So, I decided that I'm making his in black & red, and luckily I had Cascade 220 Superwash in my stash, and doing it black with a red ribbed bottom and red horns! I'm already half done! Cast on tonight while watching the movie The Blind Side with Jamie. What a really good movie. I really liked it. I’m a Sandra Bullock fan.

Have you seen this? Necklush. Uhm… 74$? I can take a skein of yarn for not even a third of that price, or rather, not even a quarter of the price and drape it around my neck… Like this 50$ blob of stringsor this one…? Is that really what’s “in”? Oy!

So not only am I an imaginary spider killer (I’ve killed a bunch of imaginary spiders for Sean recently), I am now officially a Dragon Slayer. Sean had a dragon under his bed tonight. Wow, sometimes I feel like super-mom when I come up with these neat things to get rid of imaginary spiders and slay dragons so Sean will go to bed. What on earth will he think of next?


Amelah said...

Nice red tho! Different is good!

I saw the sandwhich cutters at the dollar store here in montreal. at also a deco!

Mackie does indeed look good in Sean's hat!!

Too funny the boys in the suitcase!

Bea said...

Suitcase rides? I remember making little "vehicles" out of boxes as a kid. We would drag each other around.

Excellent about the spiderman and caillou.

Love the dino. Its a theme going on in your house lately.

Love the new signs. Does Jamie like them? Chris would make gagging noises as soon as he saw them. Sigh. Men.

g-girl said...

what a cute pic of mack! :) love the sandwich cutters especially the star. i always liked when the kids had cut sandwiches--made me think they were truly loved. :) (well, it was at least one of the ways I knew they were loved!) suitcase rides. nice! love the signs that you up in your kitchen. they're cute. :) who in the world came up with those things at necklush??

Tara said...

Dinosaur sandwich cutters!!!!! WHERE did you get those, they're totally awesome!