Sunday, February 14, 2010

february fourteen

I woke up after a beautiful sleep-in today to brunch being served in the kitchen. We still had some time before the kids came home from my parents house. Jamie got me a really appropriately written Valentine’s Card (he got his gift from me last night, as he was in the mood for chocolate, so he asked if there was any in the house, so I gave him his gift early, which included some chocolates). I got a gift card to Chapters (which is awesome, because I have a few books in my shopping cart). I also got some Bingo Lotto tickets, which was sort of an inside joke. You see, I have these 2 lotto tickets that have been sitting in my wallet for a while now. I keep meaning to scratch them and see if I’m a winner, but just never remember to find the time to sit down & scratch them. So he bought me 2 more, to remind me that I have to go and scratch them.

After lunch I put Mack down for a nap, Jamie took Sean up the street to the park to skate. I got some peace & quiet for a few more hours this afternoon and decided to do a huge clean-up in my office. I’m really trying to de-clutter the house. My goal is to de-clutter and keep it organized & clean. The only parts of the house that I will not have control over is the kid’s play areas. As much as I try to keep that organized and clean, it’s just always a constant mess. But that’s okay.

Today was Sean’s first time using his new hockey skates. He had a fantastic time. Jamie had to drag him away from the rink!


Here is today’s progress on my Feb Lady Sweater mid-afternoon. I’ve done a lot more since. I’ve since finished 44 rows and I’m at the eyelet increases. However, I’m not sure if I am going to be doing the eyelet increases… we’ll see. I’ll make that decision tonight before starting to work on it again tomorrow. I think I may eliminate the eyelets and just do a simple kfb increase instead. I’m not sure. I am going to read some notes on other people’s sweaters on Ravelry and see what they say about them. Or why they chose to leave them out. I also want to make sure that I don’t make the sweater too “swingy” as the pattern talks about it being. We’ll see. Decisions, decisions.

The yarn though, is completely dying my fingers.I did not have this when I was working with the Happy Forest Colorway on my Mara Shawl. I think it’s because it’s blue dye. I think there is something in it that isn’t in other colors which is why it’s rubbing off on my fingers, but I could be wrong?

Tonight I watched Montrealer Alexandre Bilodeau win the first Gold Medal for Team Canada on Canadian Soil. Team Canada has gotten Gold before at the winter olympics, but never on home turf. He was absolutely incredible tonight. GO TEAM CANADA!


g-girl said...

that's cute about the bingo lotto tickets! :) weird about the blue dye on your fingers. at first, i thought something bad had happened to you when i just looked at the pic!

Bea said...

Yay for skating! Love the sweater so far. I think the yarn is a nice choice, but I've had that issue with the dream in color before. Blue/Black seems to be really bad for coming off.

Amelah said...

Nice gift! I love chapters :-) I need to make that a new goal..stop buying books and read fromt he MILLION i own!!! Have a closet and a half full of unread books...but then like Sophie Kinsella comes out with a new one..and i must buy and must read and skip it to the front of the line. Argh!!

Yeah for Sean! I want to go skating with him! Looks like fun! Future Habs goalie 100%!

Nice progress!

YEAH Team Canada!! WOoohooo!!!

Tara said...

I've had the same issues with DIC. Don't wash it with anything else! It seeps like a beotch...