Saturday, February 13, 2010

february thirteen


This afternoon Croquette had a meet-up at her house for the Knitting Olympics. I had never been to Ste-Marthe-Sur-Le-Lac, so I mapquested the directions and headed out there. After an almost half hour drive, and one stop to pick some goodies to eat for everyone, I made it.

I worked on my Feb Lady Sweater, making some progress.


It was a nice afternoon with some really nice knitters. I knew two of them from beforehand, Sandra (took a sock class with Sandra in April of 2008) & Christine (whom I used to see at NDG Knits). Also there today was Elaine, Johanne, Cynthia, & Marie-Christine. It was a nice change of pace, in a different atmosphere. It was nice to see what other knitters were working on for the Knitting Olympics! Go Team Montreal!


This evening we dropped the kids off at my parents house, and headed into the city to our fave restaurant for dinner. We went out tonight for Valentine’s Day instead of tomorrow night, since it was easier to have the kids go spend the night tonight out. Thank heavens for my parents living close-by and being able to take the kids overnight. Dinner was fabulous and as good as it was last time we ate there. It had been way too long.

Off to go work some more on my Olympic Knitting and watch some TV and enjoy the rest of our time in peace & quiet. The house will be back to it’s usually busy-ness tomorrow.


g-girl said...

a change of pace is always good. :)

Bea said...

Looks like a ton of fun!

Amelah said...

Yeah Cheryl is knitting! Looks like fun! Too bad I was not invited. Maybe next year i will try for the Rav-Olympics.

Glad you guys enjoyed your Valentine's Evening with no kids!

Tara said...

So sad I had to miss that knit meet-up :( Ah well, there'll be more!