Wednesday, February 03, 2010

february three :: 85 weeks old

Mack is 85 weeks old today. He’s quite the funny guy.

Roar is coming along very nicely & quickly.

This afternoon I picked up Sean early from daycare.
He had an appointment for his flu shot.

He tried on his Roar while we waited and it so far fits him very nicely.


Looks good!

He tried to call daddy after he got his shot so that he can tell him the he didn’t cry, though daddy wasn’t at his desk when we called. I couldn’t believe that it’s .50 cents now for a phone call. I remember hearing it went up back in 2007, but with having a cell phone it didn’t really register to me. Anyhow, Sean didn’t want to use my cell phone to call daddy, he wanted to use the pay phone. Luckily I had some coins in my wallet.

I ran a few errands before going back to daycare to pick up Mackenzie from school. When we got there Sean was upset that he wasn’t going to have afternoon snack with his friends today. His teacher saw him upset and brought him over a snack to take with him – which was very nice of her. I am glad that my kids like school. Mackenzie is still having a little bit of a tough morning drop off, (which I’m assuming is due to pulling him out of daycare for a week to go to Florida), but we’ll get back on track to where we were before Florida.

Tonight I had West Island Knits/Crochet and had a good time. It was nice to get out of the house for a bit. We were a nice group, Madeleine, Eugenie, Jocelyn, Amy, were amongst those out with us. I finished the hat part of Roar and then started to work on the spikes. I should have this hat finished tomorrow. It’s starting to look great!


g-girl said...

i already love this hat and it's not even finished yet! now, isn't mack gonna want his own hat eventually too? ;) that is cute that sean wanted to use the payphone to call daddy.

Amelah said...

Mack is quite the comedian.

Hat is looking good on him so far! Can't wait to see it finished on him!!!

Love knit night!!

Tara said...

I know, I used to always make sure I had 25 cents in my wallet for the pay phone, I freaked out when I realized it had gone up to 50!