Monday, February 15, 2010

february fifteen :: 163 weeks old

Sean is 163 weeks old today.
He was a super star in his swimming class this morning.
He put his head under water whenever necessary.
He’s my little fish.


Today’s progress as of mid-day on my February Lady Sweater. She’s coming along.


My buttons are ready. I picked them up almost a year ago at the Knitter’s Frolic in Toronto.


I even tried it on. Though, it’s a little hard to see what’s going on due to the cable on the needle getting in the way. Though, I’m loving it so far. The color is gorgeous (a beautiful teal). And I’m really enjoying knitting with my zephyr tips.

Saw this dog wearing a knitted hat on a fido ad. This hat reminds me so much of this hat on Ravelry! Or even this hat. This hat is quite similar as well. It’s very cute in green. The dog’s got the right idea!

Renovations are coming along with the bathroom. It’s going to take longer than expected for it to get done, which I had a hunch this would happen. The cement has been laid down and now we’re waiting for it to dry. They’ll come in tomorrow do something, put down some more cement and then wait for that to dry. The fan needs to get installed, and we thought there was access to the attic, which there isn’t, so we’re going to have to create one, so that our house is up to code. (And if we ever need access to the attic, we’ll have one). Not sure why this house was built without access, but that’s another story. There’s still tiling to be done, the shower door install, and painting of the bathroom (since they took down some of the wall to open up the shower stall to let in more light, we need to fix up and paint). I just need to decide on what color to pain the bathroom. Not sure yet.

Since I was home today keeping my eye on the renovations, I decided to continue with my office clean-up. It’s coming along very well and I’m doing a huge purge. Call it early spring-cleaning? I’m not even sure how I’ve acquired some of the stuff that I have. Anyhow, I am making a very large pile of stuff and some of it will probably get donated. I really don’t want to chuck this stuff out because maybe it could be useful to someone else. I really am trying to de-clutter, and I think I’m doing a really good job of it. It feels very good to do this. Even the re-organization of my things on my desk, for example is very uplifting, if you could believe that. I’ve even chucked things that I am not sure why I was even keeping. And you know what? It felt fantastic. I recommend you do it. You'll feel freer too. Go on, free yourself. Clutter doesn’t do good to ones life, I’ve come to understand.

Off to go watch some tv with Jamie (24 is actually new tonight) and continue working on my February Lady Sweater. Only 13 days left before closing ceremonies and I totally want to have this sweater done so I can achieve gold for Team Montreal! I can do it. I know I can! I’d like to be reading to finish my book, I’ve still got more than halfway to read in my almost 700 page book, but my spare time is going towards reaching the end of my first sweater ever. The book will still be there when the Olympics are over, but the challenge of finishing my sweater before Feb 28th isn’t. Priorities!


dawn said...

I love the color of the February sweater, and it looks great with your coloring. You can totally win gold.

elizabeth said...

It's looking good! I'm curious - what book are you anxious to get back to?

g-girl said...

love the buttons you've picked out for your feb. lady sweater. :) good luck with finishing it before the end of the month! I know you can do it!!

Bea said...

Oh the sweater is a great color for you. Looks awesome. Love the buttons too.

No attic access seems really weird. I guess it will be good to get one in now.

Amelah said...

What is a super start? Did you mean Super star?

Wow, that blue is awesome! Maybe one day I will get some to make myself a sweater! You have that in stock? Thing you will still have in 2011?

OMG! And it is a Boxer too!!! Maybe I should make Harley one LOL!!!

Bathroom is looking good so far! Can't wait to see it done! Don't you love discovering all these hidden things...upon buying a house!

Anything interesting in your to donate pile for me?

Tara said...

Renos almost never go according to schedule, do they?