Friday, February 19, 2010

february nineteen


I don’t often photograph my cat. He’s usually off doing his own thing or sleeping. Today he kept me company in my office. He cozied himself up next to some books that I have to sort through and kept me company. It was nice having him around. He’s such a beautiful color, and I love his unique patches. He’s such a good cat. (Except at 4 am when he’s trying to sleep on my head or vomiting on my yarn – yes, he’s done that).

The guys working on my bathroom today did all the grouting. There’s just the install of the fan, the light in the shower and the door to put on, and then paint my entire bathroom. They’re supposed to show up at 10 am Sunday morning to continue. What I don’t get is why they’re going to paint the bathroom first, to then put a hole in the wall for the fan and a hole in the ceiling of the shower for the light to have to touch up the paint. Doesn’t it make sense to do those things first then paint? Well, they know what they are doing, so I trust them. We chose a grey color with a hint of blue in it for the bathroom, which will give it a nice change from the beige that we’re sick of in there. Change is good. Now they’re saying that they should be finished by end of day on Monday. I’ll believe it when I see it.

Today I watched a ton of movies. (And took care of the never ending laundry). I started off my morning by watching Then She Found Me. It was an interesting movie with Helen Hunt, Matthew Broderick, Bette Midler and Colin Firth. Then I tried to watch The Namesake but it wasn’t for me. It had even more subtitles than the movie I watched yesterday (Raman Girl) and I just couldn’t focus. Maybe I’ll try another time to watch it. Then I watched Margot at the Wedding. It was alright. Nothing I’d watch again. Nicole Kidman, Jack Black & Jennifer Jason Leigh were in it. Then I watched the movie Dedication. It was a movie with Billy Crudup, Christine Taylor & Mandy Moore. It was alright (about a children’s book author). Lastly this afternoon I watched 2 Days in Paris with Adam Goldberg & Julie Deply.It was half French and half English (no subtitles), but that’s okay with me. It was alright as well. These were all movies that were on my list to watch for a long time. Then this evening, Jamie & I watched the Chris Rock movie I Think I Love My Wife. It was a cute romantic comedy. Steve Buscemi was in it as well. Today was quite the movie day. I don’t think I’ll be able to do these movie days again for a while. It was nice being at home while the house was being renovated.

I’ve been working on my February Lady Sweater. I will be starting the 12th repeat in the Gull Lace pattern tomorrow when I picked it up tomorrow. While movie watching today I worked on clearing out my entire email inbox, which I was very successful in doing, so I didn’t get much knitting done at all. It was much long over due to clear out my inbox and it feels good that I have done so. From what I’ve gathered from my research, it seems like most people have knit between 22 and 24 Gull Lace Repeats before the garter bottom, so if that’s the case, I’m half way to the bottom. Then there’s just the sleeves left after that. I have faith that I can finish this sweater before the Olympics end. Just wait and see!

This morning when I dropped off Mack at daycare his teacher asked me if he still naps/sleeps in a crib at home. I told her yes, because he does still. He’s only 20 months old. Sean moved into a big boy bed at 2 years old (just a few days after his birthday). I asked her how come she was asking and she told me that it was because I said that he naps on the weekends at home his usual 3 hour nap (sometimes even longer). Anyhow, she said she had thought of something, because Mack only sleeps maybe 1 hour at daycare every day. She said that today she was going to try to put him in a “crib like surrounding”. Basically she said she’d take cushions and mats, and make a “crib” for him. She had tried that once before with another child she used to have in her class and it worked. Well, when I went to pick up the kids today from school, I asked her about the napping situation and she told me that he napped the entire 3 hour naptime. Phew! Glad that is solved. He’s been coming home all week cranky because he hasn’t been napping properly. I am so relieved there is an easy solution to this.


Big Girl Feet said...

Awww your Zeus is such a sweetheart!
And your sweater is looking fab!
And yippee for the your bathroom- I hope they get 'er done fast!
And yay for Mack and naptime! :))

Anonymous said...

Boy you sure caught up on your blogging. You must feel good.
Photo of cat soooooo professional.

dawn said...

What a cute kitty! I'm sure you're super happy to have a well rested boy.

Amelah said...

Nice picture of Zeus!

Sarah B. said...

That's great that the day care worker was observant enough to ask about that and come up with a solution. Bean was having trouble napping at pre-school, so we got her an exact duplicate of her blankie from home. And the teachers found out how much she loves feathers, so when she's a little restless, they'll give her one so she can sleep.

g-girl said...

zeus throws up on your yarn??? you poor dear! I couldn't even imagine. wow, they have 3 hour naps at sean and mack's school? his teacher is a genius. :)

Bea said...

Zeus is cute!

Tara said...

Ah, movie days are the best. I don't remember the last time I got to have one though! lol