Tuesday, February 02, 2010

february two



I cast on a new project. Sean asked for a new hat and I wanted a new quick project, so I cast on for Roar.


Every boy deserves an awesome Dino hat, right?

I worked today after running an errand for Jamie in the city, and felt like it took me forever to get to work from the city. I am so happy we live out in the West Island of Montreal now… even though it’s 32 km for me to get to work, (approx. half hour drive), it’s easier to get to from my house than from in the city. I just felt like the highway just kept going and going and going. However I had to pick up something for him in the city, so I had to do that this morning. Otherwise, I would have organized it better so I didn’t have to go before work.

After work when I picked up the boys from daycare, I learned that a girl in Mack’s class has lice. Great. And of course it’s the girl who has her mattress next to Mack’s during naptime. His head was checked, so was Sean’s (since Sean’s class had music with Mack’s class this morning) and neither of my boys have lice. Luckily they just got a haircut yesterday, so it was super easy for their heads to be checked. I really hope that they don’t get lice. Mack’s sheets were sent home to be washed and their classroom was disinfected as well as vacuumed (they have a rug in the classroom). Now I know why they don’t have too many stuffed animals in the classroom to play with. I asked his teacher when they found them, and it was after nap while the girl was on the changing table, they starting crawling all over and the girl was scratching her head like mad. I find that so gross. The girl was sent home immediately and won’t be back until it’s completely cleared. Gross! I really hope that neither of my boys get lice. That’s not fun.

Tonight was the season premiere of Lost. I’m now lost even further. I am so glad that this is the final season and things will start making sense (hopefully) and start coming together (finally). I got a lot of work done on Roar, and plan to get that done as soon as possible so he can start wearing it. I love that Sean appreciates my hand knits.


Bea said...

The dino hat is cool. If the lice infection was that bad then why didn't her parents notice it before?? Yuck. I hope the boys stay clear of it.

g-girl said...

oh my gosh! what a fantastic pattern!!! oh no, sorry to hear about the lice infestation at the school. hopefully it'll end with the girl.

Amelah said...

LOL can't believe the cat let you do that to him!!! SO funny! Nice picture of him tho!

So cute that Sean is actually appreciating your knitting! Such a smart little boy!

Oh no! Lice!! It was bound to happen. Thank god they don't have it!!

Tara said...

Definitely casting on for a Roar hat for the kids, it's too cute!