Thursday, February 25, 2010

february twenty-five


Today I worked on 4 more rows of garter ridge on my February Lady Sweater to make 1.5 inches of garter ridge for the bottom. I did a “p2tog” bind off with a 5.5mm (the sweater was knit on 5.0mm) needle to give a more stretchy bottom. Started on sleeve #1 only completing the 3rd Gull Lace Repeat. I don't like the metal DPNs I'm using so I will switch tomorrow to Bamboo DPNs that are 5" instead of the 9" ones that are way too long to work on a sleeve with. I *think* I should be able to finish this sweater tomorrow, providing that I get uninterrupted knitting time tomorrow night. My in-laws who usually come on Friday nights aren’t coming tomorrow as we have dinner plans with my father-in-law & my nephew on Saturday instead, as my nephew is in town, so I should be able to work on my sweater tomorrow night & get it done. Well, that’s the plan anyhow. I am loving the sweater so far. I’m still on my 3rd ball of yarn & I think I may be able to finish both sleeves (maybe), with the 3rd skein. I think there is enough.


My friend Dara came by late afternoon after I picked up the kids from daycare to bring over some goodies she brought back with her from her recent trip to Disney in California. Her kids each got each of my children a Mickey Mouse hat with their name embroidered into it – which is very neat. She also brought Sean back some Disney Cars bandaids. (He’s obsessed with Lightning McQueen right now). Those were a huge hit. For me, she brought back some Hefty One-Zips (2.5 Gallon size), which are a great size for my knitting projects. I was on my last bag when she left to Cali, so I asked her to bring me back some. I also got some assorted Teas from Disney. It was so thoughtful that she even got us some gifts. I’m so jealous that she got to go to California in the first place! I wish I could have crawled into her suitcase & gone with.


Tonight I watched the Women’s Canadian Team win GOLD! We beat USA 2-0! Go Team Canada! What a game! Now we just have to wait to watch Team Canada’s Men’s Hockey win!! I have faith in them. Their next game against Slovakia, is tomorrow at 9:30pm EST. You bet, I’ll be watching it! (While working on my February Lady Sweater!) I also watched tonight Joannie Rochette, the Quebec girl who lost her mother during the Olympics, win Bronze for Canada in figure skating.

I’ve started to think about the project that I want to work on next after my February Lady Sweater is done. I think I know what it is, but I am not 100% sure how I will go about designing it…so please stay tuned!


Amelah said...

Oh nevermind! Didn't read your posts in order, saw it now where Sean got his hat from!

Bea said...

The sweater looks great. Now I've finished the shawl I'm having trouble deciding what to do next. Can't wait to see what you pick.

g-girl said...

wow, the fls seemed like it was such a quick and easy knit for yout! :) hope you're able to finish when you plan to be finished! :) wow, Dara got to go to Disneyland? I'm even jealous. ;)That was very sweet of her to bring gifts for you all. i'm curious what your next project is going to be! :)