Tuesday, February 23, 2010

february twenty-three


I watched 2 movies today. The first one was Did You Hear About the Morgans? It was really cute. Sarah Jessica Parker was actually knitting in one of the scenes! I wonder if she knits in real life? Very cute. The movie was really cute as well. I enjoyed it. I like both Hugh Grant & Sarah Jessica Parker. The second movie I watched was Up in the Air. The main actor was George Clooney – hadn’t seen him in anything in ages. It was also a really cute movie.

Worked more on my February Lady Sweater. I’m now done rows 138 to 149 which is now 25 Full Gull Lace Repeats, starting on the 26th. I like my sweaters long, so I'm still going a bit longer. I will keep trying it on after every Gull Lace Repeat to see where I’m at. I’m supposed to be stopping 1.5 inches before the end as there will be more garter ridge at the bottom.I’m not there yet. I don’t want a sweater that is too short. I’m also not sure how this yarn will block because everyone is saying it grows. So I’m torn. Some people have even said that the yarn holds a bit of it’s memory… so I’m going to wing it, it seems and hope it’s not too long/big after blocking.

So there's good news today. It’s really just our luck with the mould in our attic... firstly, it’s contained to 5 sq feet. Secondly, it's luck that we opened up Mackenzie's closet ceiling to go into the attic that way, or we would have never have found the mould (the entire attic is insulated, so only by opening the floor, did we find it).

The only bad new is that the company that did our roof in 2005 went bankrupt the year before in 2004 (the guy must have given an illegal warranty). Not sure how to approach that legally, but I'm waiting to find out if there is anything we can do.

The lady who owned our house before us, (we bought the house Nov 2007) passed away in August of 2008 (I found her obituary online through google). Though, the money from the sale of the house, had to of been left to her children... so we need to find out who the estate was left to, and maybe we can go after them.

Now it would be for the ceiling/attic repairs (they will have to tear down Mackenzie's bedroom ceiling/closet) and we'll have to call in a new roofer to come fix the roof. But... we’re so lucky that it’s not the entire attic covered in mould, what he thought he was looking at yesterday was just water stains on the wood, but there is no actual mould (yesterday he went up with a flash light and today he went up with work lights). And, it looks like it's NOT going to be a $40,000-$50,000 job, which was my biggest worry.

The contractor that is doing our bathroom *thinks* the issue on the roof as to why it’s leaking water in, may just be that the flashings need repairs, so that would be on the cheaper side of what could have been with the roof. Though, I am having a roofing company that has been around for years come to take a look at my roof, hopefully sometime this week – snow depending. (They’re calling for 5-10 inches of snow tomorrow). As soon as the roof is fixed, we can have the contractor come back in and fix the attic.

My contractor was explaining to me that some guys who do roofs, are frauds. They are in business for 3-5 years and then go bankrupt and then open up a new company to avoid the warranty on the roof. You see, roofs generally have warranty when work is done for 10 years for labour and 25 years for the shingles. So, in order for them to avoid their warranties, they close up shop and no one can go after them for the warranty. My contractor said to make sure I call in a company that has been around for years. The one I called has been around since 1985. The reason that my roof is leaking is probably because the guy who already had closed up shop, did a crap job on my roof, just to collect that cash. The lady that was living here was elder, and he probably took advantage. Not cool.

Anyhow... luck is on my side today. This could have gone really badly.


illahee said...

ok, you'll probably get fifty people commenting, 'yah, SJP knits!' but i'm pretty sure that i've seen a picture of her knitting on the set of SATC. cool that she's knitting in the movie!

Bea said...

Umm...thank goodness that the mold is so contained. Wow. I'll remember that about roofers for the future.

g-girl said...

well, i had no idea Sarah-Jessica was a knitter. :) I want to see that movie. Oh, glad you got to see Valentine's Day! :) Thank goodness the mold problem isn't as widespread as it could have been. Good luck with rectifying the situation!

Amelah said...

haha Sarah Jessica PArker looks confused in that screen shot knitting!!!

Thank God it is not AS BAD as you thought it would be. Who you having, West Island Roofing? They have been doing the roofs on our condo's. That is horrible though, that some companies close after 3-5 years and re-open to be avoided. Some people!!

jeloca said...

Ai caramba! Ain't it fun being a homeowner? Thank god it wasn't as bad as you'd thought, and I really hope it's smooth sailing from here on in. Good luck!