Friday, February 26, 2010

february twenty-six

I’m praying this snow goes away. There is a lot of snow on the roof of my house. In order for the roof to get repaired, the snow must disappear. I really don’t want to have to hire someone to shovel my roof, so send good thoughts that it disappears soon. The weather seems to be tinkering around +1C, so I’m hoping that it melts away fast. Once the roof is fixed, we can then go ahead and fix the attic. One step at a time.

Sean wanted to model his new Mickey Mouse hat. He loves it.


I love how it’s embroidered with his name on it. Mack has one with his name too.

Houston, we have a sleeve! Today I worked on the first sleeve on my February Lady Sweater. I knit rows 5-48 today. (Rows 1-4 of sleeve were done already and left on needles from beginning of pattern). I have now completed 12 Gull Lace Repeats on the sleeve. I keep trying it on to see how long it is to determine how long I want to make the sleeves. I believe I will do them three quarter length. I think it looks cute like that. I am hoping to have the sweater done by tomorrow night so that I can wear it out on Sunday! The sleeve will probably be just a tad longer than the black shirt sleeve I’m wearing underneath.


Check this out – the yarn dyed my bamboo DPNs! I couldn’t believe it!

Today on my way home from work, I fell in love with the sunset.
I love how it changes color so fast.

I’m looking at the amount of laundry I need to do this weekend (haven’t touched laundry in a while) and it’s very daunting. It’s a vicious cycle that just doesn’t end.

Tonight I watched (and knitted) Team Canada Men’s Hockey beat out Slovakia tonight 3-2. We had a great lead for most of the game and then somehow let 2 goals in during the 3rd period. The last few minutes of the game was a nail biter. Sitting on the edge of the couch, I jumped up when the game was over, and it was secured that we will be playing on Sunday to try and win gold against Team USA. I have faith – hoping for another gold medal for Team Canada. We’re currently in the lead for most gold medals won at the Olympics. We may not be in the lead for the amount of medals won, the USA has that on us, but all that matter is Gold. And we currently have the most. GO TEAM CANADA! Hoping for a few more before the Olympics are over on Sunday.


Amelah said...

Sweater is looking good!

Where did Sean get the Mickey Mouse hat from?

Beautiful Sunset!

Bea said...

Wow. I don't think I've seen a DPN that has been dyed by yarn before. Love the sunset pictures.

g-girl said...

sending good vibes that the snow melts away on its own for you! i love sean's mickey mouse hat!!! :) I don't think I knew they came in blue (it's obviously been a while for me!). ya know, I had a project that turned dyed my bamboos too. it goes away though.