Tuesday, February 16, 2010

february sixteen :: Link Love

It’s been mild for the last couple of days, and finally today it got a little bit chilly, so I pulled out my Canadian Olympic Mittens to wear. They’re fleece lined and so cozy. I got them as a gift from my in-laws for Christmas. I love the someone made a pattern to knit them!


Go Team Canada! We won our 2nd Gold medal today in Women’s Snowboarding! Keep on winning them on home ‘turf!

The bathroom renovations are coming along. Right now we’re waiting for the plaster to dry. I also need to pick out a color to paint the bathroom. Time for a change in there. The contractor is bringing over a swatch book tomorrow for me to choose a color.

Yesterday I watched the movie Love Happens. It was a little slow, but cute nonetheless. Jennifer Anniston was really cute in this movie as Eloise. Nothing I’d watch again though. Today I watched the movie The Invention of Lying. Very interesting, but nothing I’d ever watch again. There were a couple of big name actors in this movie, Jennifer Garner, Rob Lowe & Tina Fey, but nothing fantastic. I didn’t hate it though. I love that the “PC Guy” (you know from the Mac commercials) John Hodgman was in it as the Wedding Commissioner. I also watched Paper Hearts. I think Michael Cera is such a cute kid. It’s too bad that he & Charlyne Yi broke up after 3 years of dating. They’re so cute together. I also then watched Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs. There is no way that either of my kids would have sat through this movie, it’s a little too old for them. I thought it was cute. Also not really a movie I’d watch again. There was a lot of good voices in this movie, such as James Caan, Mr. T!, Benjamin Bratt, Neil Patrick Harris, Lauren Graham & a few others. It seems like I’ll be stuck home for the rest of the week as the bathroom renovations, which was supposed to be done by today, may only be done by… uhm, Friday. I’m not complaining, being “stuck” home means I get to knit, which is good during the Olympics, with a deadline! At least over the next day or so the humidifier will be replaced as well. The guy may come tomorrow if he gets the job he’s doing at my parents house done on time, if not, it’ll be on Thursday. Who knew they had to replace their humidifier as well. The company that is doing it is based off the island of Montreal, so hopefully they can kill two birds with one stone and do it at the same time in our area.


Isn’t this rug the neatest thing you’ve ever seen? Must find yarn that large!
I was told it could be sailing rope.
Hmm, interesting.


Progress on my February Lady Sweater. It’s starting to take “sweater” shape now that I’ve put the sleeves on separate cables (love knitpicks options cables for this), and am working up the body. It’s coming along lovely. Have knit rows 53 to 65 completed today. I’ve done a full 4 repeats of the Gull Lace (including the one repeat before the sleeve stitches were separated). I am currently on Row 2 of the 5th Gull Lace pattern. If I were to ever knit this again, I would knit the last stitch of every row through the back loop to give it a nicer edge. I am not liking the edge. I may have to add a simple crochet border to it afterwards, to hid the edges. We’ll see when it comes to that at the ends. I only thought of this now.

- This photo makes me smile.
- This is the coolest Olympic ad ever.
- I love that this product still allows you to use broken crayons. I’ve been keeping broken crayons to DIY.

I’m beat. Had dinner with some friends tonight at a local joint I hadn’t been to in a while. We knitted (I made great progress on my Feb Lady Sweater, it's good that the lace pattern is so easy that I'm able to knit in public on it and talk at the same time), chatted, had good laughs and enjoyed each other's company. It’s time to go to bed, the kidlets will be up early tomorrow. I treated myself to some Strawberry Cheesecake for dessert and it was absolutely delicious. Totally worth every calorie. Ah, life is beautiful!


Bea said...

That rug is really interesting. Your sweater is coming along really well. I think it looks great.

Big Girl Feet said...

Wow you're making great progress on your sweater!! My DIC that I used for mine turned my bamboo needles & my hands blue too!

And cool rug- it does look like some kind of rope, but how the heck would you crochet with something that big...! Neat!!

Amelah said...

Cute gloves! Though I did see them when you were given them.

What color do you think you will go with?

I am half way through Love Happens [was watchign it when my videocard fucked up on my media center] - have not finished it yet.

Haven't seen or heard of the rest you watched.

Where is the picture from the one of the bath mat?

Nice hockey / olympics yarn ad! Cool!

g-girl said...

what color are you thinking of doing the bathroom?? the mittens are adorable! the rug is super cool. your sweater is coming along nicely. :) your hair is getting longer too! love the pic you shared that makes you smile. i love the lil girl's hair.

Tara said...

Wow, can you IMAGINE the size needles it would take to knit that rug??? Mental!