Wednesday, February 17, 2010

february seventeen :: 20 months old / 87 weeks old

Mack is 87 weeks old today & is now 20 months old. I can’t believe he’ll be 2 in 4 months.
Today I watched Coraline. I had started it once before but got distracted & never finished watching it. It was well done and really cute. Also too “old” of a movie for my kids to watch. Maybe when they’re older. I’m a fan of Dakota Fanning, who plays the voice of Coraline, which was nice. I like Teri Hatcher as well, and she played the voice of Coraline’s mom. John Hodgman, who I talked about yesterday “the PC” guy, played a voice in the movie too (the “other” dad). I also watched Dakota Skye. It’s an independent film that was made in 16 days! I really liked the main character, and the guy she falls in love with is a cutie. I really enjoyed the movie, however it was a little slow. People have said that “Creative concept, touching and original script and compelling performances make this the "Juno" of 2008.” I disagree. I enjoyed Juno so much better. I then watched the movie Martian Child with John Cusack. His sister was in it as well. (Of course she was). Amanda Peet was in it too – I like her. Also Sophie Okonedo is in it, never seen her before, but she’s a cutie. And the little boy in the movie, the Martian Child, was just adorable. Very cute movie, also a little on the slow side. I also got to watch the movie Numb. The movie was alright, about a guy who has a dysfunctional life.The guy is played by Matthew Perry. Lynn Collins was in it too and I think she’s really pretty. Saw her before in X-Men. Wow, today was a real movie day. I worked on tackling one more thing off my to-do list today, since I’m stuck home because of the bathroom renovations. I tackled putting all my printed photos that were waiting to go into an album in chronological order and then put them into the albums I had for them. Let me tell you, that I will never get behind on that again. It was quite the job. I had photos to organize from August 2008 until now. It was pretty much everything since just after Mack was born. Life with 2 kids…! Putting away photos into an album wasn’t a priority anymore after having 2 kids. So prints got made, ordered, brought home, and put in a pile “to do later'”. Let me tell you that I promised myself I really won’t do that again. Photos come home, photos go right away into the photo album… or a pile-up will occur again. I am really trying to work on my procrastination habit to break it.

The contractor miscalculated the tiles he needed for the bathroom shower floor. We’re 50 (small) tiles short. This means that he couldn’t finish today and I hope that it does not mean that it’ll take an extra day to finish my bathroom. Right now he said “maybe by Friday”. I hope that it doesn’t extend to “Maybe Friday or Monday”… ugh! I’ll wait to see what they say tomorrow when he comes back.


Sean came to me this morning with his tools in his pants. He had them lined up all the way to his back. There is even a hammer in there. He was so cute. My little contractor. I need to make him one of these tool belts. It’s one of the projects that I have lined up for my trip to BC this spring. My sewing guru Cynthia will help me make one, cuz she’s the best.


I love paper. Notebooks. Stationery. Note cards. Anything paper related. I found this awesome (never used before) notepad on my desk in a cubby when I was cleaning up. I’ve had this for years. I bought it while I was still in school. Not sure why it never got used (but that’s a whole other story). Well, I pulled it out, took off the plastic and now this sunny notepad is on my desk and will get used. I am thinking about making March a “Not Buying It” month. I did this once before, either at the beginning of last year or the year before. One month not spending any money except on food & medicine (if needed) & any essentials that I must buy for the kids. I’ve done it before, I can do it again. Because I have willpower. I will also go through my things and find 10 items that I’ve bought and never use – and them use them. That sounds like a great plan! Don’t you think? I’ve done that before. It’s fun to do that little game.

Because I worked on photo organization today, I didn’t get the chance to knit during the day (though I should have instead, but didn’t). I did get to knit this evening and I’m making great progress on my February Lady Sweater. I’m now (tomorrow) about to start the 7th Gull Lace repeat on my sweater (which will be the start of row 73). I find that this knits up very fast. I’ll take a progress photo tomorrow.

I’m addicted to listening to K.D. Lang’s version of Hallelujah. I love it. Wasn’t it just amazing?

Well, I’m off to go crawl into bed and catch Nip/Tuck on FX at 11pm.


Big Girl Feet said...

I hope your bathroom gets finished today! It's looking very nice so far!
And of course- we will sew sew sew! I'm going to set everything up on the dining room table so we have lots of room, and we can all sew together. So very excited!!
and yes, KD Lang is amazing, that song is just gorgeous.
Happy Friday!!!

Bea said...

The shower looks good. I hope that it won't go over the Friday time. He definitely needs a toolbelt. How cute is that thought!?

Amelah said...

Sean is way to cute LOL! If i need something fixed, next time i will call him!

g-girl said...

the shower stall is looking good! i liked coraline. martian child too. haven't seen numb or the dakota skye movie yet though. kd lang did an excellent version of hallelujah, i agree! :

Tara said...

Hey, at least all your photos were printed! I haven't even been able to get my act together to do that! The shower looks great, absent tiles notwithstanding :)