Monday, February 22, 2010

february twenty-two :: 164 Weeks Old

Sean is 164 weeks old today.

Today was a catch up on work day. I still made time though, to do my work while watching 2 movies. I saw Valentine’s Day which was really cute (and was loaded up on a ton of actors) as well as watching the movie Leap Year, which was totally cute as well. I think Amy Adams is really cute (I’ve seen a few other of her movies as well).

There has been work done today on my February Lady Sweater. I’ve now worked on rows 125 to 137 which is now 22 Full Gull Lace Repeats, started on the 23rd with row 137. I still would like it a little bit longer, so I will be working more repeats. I don’t like my sweaters too short. I hope it works out perfectly. Once I’m done this part, I can start on the sleeves, which shouldn’t take too much time, so I think I can totally finish this sweater before Sunday (closing ceremonies).

My bathroom is promised to be done by tomorrow. I’ll believe it when I see it. When the guy went up into the attic today (we had to create a trap door so he could even get up there. It was odd to us that there was no trap door in the house to begin with. We discovered the ENTIRE attic is covered in mould. Now, not only is there mould, but there is something else with the pot lights and the insulation that is a fire hazard and is not up to building code. So tomorrow we're going to see if we can find the source of the mould, and see if it's because of the roof (which was re-done in 2005) or if we have to go after the previous owner of the house. We'll also have to determine how old the mould is. What a disaster! It's a shock that none of us are sick from the amount of mould that is in our attic....!

We'll know tomorrow after our contractor goes up there with his work lights and a camera. Hopefully they can tell where the source is. Since there was no trap door we suspect that maybe they "sealed it up" to sell the house because maybe they knew about the mould. Why the inspector we hired to inspect the home upon placing an offer didn't notice that there wasn't a trap door (because I just pulled out his report) nor was there any mention of the attic period in his report, is an entire other story... I'll know more tomorrow. All I know tonight is that it's REALLY bad.

Ahh, the joys of being a homeowner. I’ll know more tomorrow. No point in speculating more now if I don’t have any answers just yet.


Amelah said...

That sucks about the mold situation, but at least it was caught now..and not later on when it is worse and you guys are sick!

caroncm said...

My husband says that any home repair/renovation project is priced in "housing units" where one housing unit is $5,000.00. I hope he's wrong! Next Monday we embark on the renovation of all three of our bathrooms.They are circa 1940 and yucky. Personally, my stomach turns over when a contractor says, "I need to show you something."

Bea said...

Wow. Its still not done?? Sucks about the mold. Sounds like your inspector sucked.

g-girl said...

omg, that's awful about the mold!!!! ugh. i'm sorry to hear that. :( oh you'll be done with your fls in no time. I like sweaters longer too.