Saturday, February 20, 2010

february twenty


Last night I had to drop some stitches and pick them all back up with a crochet hook. Somehow, (and I didn’t see this earlier, not sure how), I did some stockinette stitch in my edging. I was a little bit upset, but it wasn’t anything I couldn’t fix. It was an easy fix actually. I had to drop down about 30 rows or so, maybe a little less, and turn one knit row into a purl row to maintain my garter ridge edging. Took me a while, so I lost out in some knitting time. It’s all back on track though, as if that never happened.


Here’s this morning’s progress on my February Lady Sweater.

Lovin’ it. It’s such a gorgeous turquoise-y/teal color.


Yesterday, I think I hit the jackpot. I was out in the early morning running an errand. I came across one store that had recently stocked their shelves with Jamie’s favourite hair gel (which according to the website has been discontinued). I picked up enough bottles to last him a while. It seems that this store gets liquidated items. Now I’m just waiting for them to get some Irish Spring Sport in… that would just make Jamie’s day. I have faith that they will get it in… I just know it. They already have some of the other scents of Irish Spring, so I don’t see why they wouldn’t bring that one in, if they were offered it wholesale.


  It’s amazing what will keep a child occupied. I had an empty plastic container. He sat there for a good while opening and closing it (screw on lid). He cracks me up. Sean used to be the same way too – very easy to entertain.


Doesn’t this just look like a happy kid? I love it.

I’ve been having insomnia lately. Last night I tried to go to bed. By 1:09 am I was up folding 5 baskets of laundry that I had done yesterday. The good news is that all my laundry got folded and now is put away, but I don’t understand the insomnia. Do you get insomnia? If so, what do you do for it? I really don’t want to take sleeping pills. Maybe it’s the fact that I’ve always been a night owl and I just wasn’t ready to go to sleep? I should find a way to relax myself before bed to be able to fall asleep more easily. I know “experts” say to not use the computer and to not watch tv for an hour or two before bedtime, because those two things get your brain working and you should be relaxing. I am really glad that all my boys let me sleep in this morning (until almost 10 am) (though I did get up to get Mack out of his crib and bring him into our bedroom as the kids have their morning milk in our bed while watching cartoons on Disney or Sprout tv). I am so lucky to have this luxury to sleep in on the weekends. I love my boys, both the big one & small ones.


  Sean was in such a good mood this afternoon.
I think he was excited for his friend to come over.


They played in hats & dunked dinosaurs into their juice.
(Must be a boy thing?)


They coloured. (Yes, I’m Canadian, I spell it with a “u”).


They coloured plates to be exact.
I thought this would be a fun activity for them to do.
(I helped Sean with his – I love to color).

It was really nice chatting with Sean’s friends mom.
The boys go to daycare together, and last session they took a swimming class together as well.
What a nice family.


This evening I had a few friends over and we hung out, ate some wonderful desserts, drank sangria and crafted.
It was a really nice evening. Lots of laughter and good conversation.
I love that my kids love my friends.
I love that my friends love my kids.


I’ve been working on my February Lady Sweater, hoping to make some more progress. I had a bit of Sangria, but since friends don’t let friends drink & knit, I didn’t have too much at all. I don’t need another repeat of that stockinette stitch error from last night. That would not be good.

Off to go crawl into bed, turn on the tube & knit until Jamie gets home. He’s off at a LAN party tonight with some guys from work. I hope to make a bit more progress tonight or I’ll be a little upset with how little I’ve knit so far today.


Amelah said...

Looks like you and your friends had fun.

Big Girl Feet said...

Wow your sweater is looking gorgeous! And good for you for fixing the edging- I woulda left it- LOL!
Mack's such a cutie- I can't wait to meet him!

Anonymous said...

I'm really proud that you were able to not only see you made a mistake, but to fix it without ripping everything out. Look how far you've come! :)

ps holy cow that's a lot of gel!

g-girl said...

i love the hats sean and his friend were wearing! those plates are cool. :) sangria?? yum! :)

Bea said...

Sorry about the stitches. The sweater looks fabulous! (um, congrats on the gel?) Mack does looks so so happy.

Tara said...

LAN parties!!! Now THAT'S a blast from the past! Glad you got to fix the knitting snafoo without having to rip back 30 rows. Ugh!