Friday, February 12, 2010

february twelve


I stayed in today after taking the kids to daycare to oversee the work that was going on in my house. We had the plumber come in today and re-work the pipes for the water under the floor, instead of around the back. You can see the way the pipes were in yesterday’s post. Upon ripping up the old shower and having the plumber look at all the piping he said it was very badly done. These are the things you don’t see when buying a house. Thank heavens we are re-doing it. He said we could have started to have problems later on. Not 100% that we would have had problems, but most likely. I can’t wait for it to be done already.

When the guys left today, they did a pretty good job cleaning up. You would never have known they were here, unless you saw the actual shower stall in the bathroom. I was worried because my cleaning lady was just here on Thursday morning about 2 hours before they started ripping up the bathroom. Thursday night they left a mess, but upon leaving for the weekend it was all cleaned out.

   Today I prepared to start the knitting olympics!


It was time to put a new “collage” in this picture frame that I had other yarn in for while, so I decided to scrounge up some leftover bits in the appropriate yarn colors, and make something for the olmypics. I think it’s cute.


My skeins are wound. Dream in Color Classy in Blue Lagoon. I can’t figure out why, but one of the skeins was divided in 2. Not so happy about this. I do have another skein left in my stash, but I didn’t wind it, just in case I don’t need it.


I swatched. I got gauge. I needed 18 sts in 4 inches in garter ridge. Got it. Check.

And I cast on just after 9pm EST (6pm PST) as allowed in the rules. This evening I made it to row 14 and now I’m going to head up to bed in a few to get a good night’s sleep so I can continue knitting tomorrow. I’m knitting the February Lady Sweater (My Ravelry Project). It’s been in my queue forever and I’m finally getting to it. 16 days left. One sweater. I can do it and get gold! This will be my first sweater for me. It’s about time, right? (Ps- That’s a blurry Wayne Gretsky on the tv getting his torch light).

I learned something new tonight. I learned how to do a one row button hole as suggested in the pattern. I found this youtube video. I am a visual person, so videos are awesome. I wrote down the instructions and will be able to do the other 2 buttonholes the same way. Gotta love the internet & youtube.

Are you doing the knitting olympics? If so, what’s your challenge? I’ve never knit an adult size sweater, so that’s my challenge. It may be a little crazy to knit one with 16 days left… but I think I can do it. And if not, at least I’ll have tried, right?

My in-laws came for dinner tonight, bringing my step-MIL’s meatball sauce. We made pasta. It was so good. I can’t even begin to tell you how much I enjoy her cooking. I’ve never made her meatball sauce before, but I’ve made her meat sauce one. Speaking of which, I have frozen meat in the freezer and we’re due to have a new batch of sauce. (Just need to find the time to cook).

The kids had their valentine’s party at school today. They got some nice cards from their friends & teachers. I keep these sort of things in their baby box. I want to make each of them a memory box so that they can decide later on in life if they want them or not. Keep it for their wedding day or something. I think it’ll be a very nice keepsake. Do you have anything like that for your children? Anything you do that is unique? I’m always looking for neat ideas. Do share.

I was sad to learn that Sean’s best friend will be moving to the next class as soon as he’s back from his trip next week. (It’s his mom’s 40th birthday today so they left to Cuba for a week – lucky them). Sean’s kind of upset that his friend will be going to the next class, but there is still one more child older than Sean to move before Sean would move. Plus, I love Sean’s teachers, and even though I know Mackenzie will be going to that class by the fall, I’m not ready for Sean to move classes just yet. Sean’s best friend is an October baby and then there is one more child in November that is older than Sean who was born in December. He’ll still get to see his best friend in the school yard when they play outside, but as far as activities, Sean’s class does them (Science, Dance, Music, etc) with Mackenzie’s class, as they are the 2 youngest classes. He’ll be okay. I just know it.


dawn said...

I'm going to do a yarnissima pattern and it will be my 3rd toeup. I'm also going to do them two at a time. We'll see how that goes.

Balkan Style Bloggers said...

I love the yarn olympics picture! Great idea!

g-girl said...

sean'll be okay. sure he'll miss getting to spend most of his day with his best friend but everything will be all right. :)
not doing the olympics..too much pressure. lol. i'm a leisure knitter!

Bea said...

I wanted to do the olympics but then couldn't pick a pattern so I guess now. lol. Oh well. Maybe next time.

Amelah said...

Scary seing it all knocked down eh? They do clean up nicely, although they had ALL their tools spread over my entire spare room, could not even walk in there!!

Oh nice! Can't wait to see your sweater! I need to finish mine [Henley!] I am working on finishing started objects now. It is my mission, to finish all except left over sock yarn blanket, because obviously it is an ongoing project. Good luck with the Rav-Olympics.

Tara said...

One sweater in 16 days! You can DO IT!!! :)