Friday, February 05, 2010

february five


Pattern: Roar (My Ravelry Project)
For: Sean
Yarn: Cascade 220 Superwash in Lime Sherbet & Blueberry
Needles: US 7 / 4.5 mm
Size: Toddler/Child
Timeline: February 1-4, 2010
Modifications: Knit pattern as written for the Toddler/Child Size.
Opinion: I love it. Sean loves it even more. That’s what matters.
This pattern is a great stash buster!


roaronsean seansroar2

Mack had a good day at daycare today. Sean, not so much. He didn’t nap at daycare today, which then he doesn’t listen (because he’s overtired). I need to make sure he doesn’t over sleep by even  a minute… because the determines whether he’ll nap during the day or not. Usually he’s up before I even have my alarm set (Sean has to get up by 7:30 am latest to be able to nap at daycare), and I think I let him sleep in a few extra minutes today, as I was busy with Mack this morning. Still trying to figure out a good balance of how to stay organized in the mornings. I’ve come along way since having 2 kids, but I still need to manage and organize my time a little better. That’s one of the things I’ve been working on and still plan to work on.

While still on the subject of daycare, I got some good news today. One of the kids that is in Sean’s class is moving out of town. It’s the kid whose name always come up when Sean gets into trouble. I am sooo happy that this kid is moving on. Sean never got “into trouble” with any other kid in his class. It was always this one kid in particular, and I honestly felt like it was this child that instigated it… Well, let’s hope that Sean’s “getting into trouble” days are over now that this child won’t be in his class anymore as of Monday. Music to my ears. I honestly don’t think Sean is a bad child at all. But if a kid hits you, you hit back. It’s a natural instinct, especially at 2 and a half/3 years old. Mack’s teacher actually seemed happy that this child was moving on. He used to instigate children when Sean was in Mack’s classroom last year. Even more so a reason to be relieved that it’s probably not Sean who started all those incidents.

Jamie and I have decided to start looking into some small home renovations. We’ll start with the hallway bathroom. All we need done is the shower stall. Whatever we have now, came with the house and it looks cheap and started to fall apart. I feel like the previous owner needed to do something in order to sell the house, and installed a cheap solution. Now that we’ve been living here for just over 2 years, it’s starting to fall apart. It seems like it was just a shower “liner” that was put in. The door has now broken, there are 2 cracks in the floor (which we’ve sealed, but can be uncomfortable to shower) and the paint on the upper walls/ceiling is starting to chip, which means they didn’t use bathroom paint (which is resistant to steam from the shower)… So we’ll start looking for quotes. We’re thinking about tiling the shower stall, and looking for a nice door. But then we’ll need someone to do the work. I’m going to ask around. I know my sister did her bathroom a bit ago, so she’s got a guy… The person has to be trust worthy and has to be able to do a good job. I say this because they have to be able to do the job properly, and make sure that the shower won’t fall apart or chip or mould. Hopefully we’ll start the renovations soon.

My in-laws came for dinner tonight, and brought along meatloaf. It’s so delicious and apparently super easy to make. I need to get the exact ingredients from her, but it was like ground beef, eggs, spices and onion. How easy are those ingredients? One hour to bake… that' sounds like my kind of recipe. I think what I need to do is find 30 easy recipes and then rotate between them each month… this way I have them on hand, and can easily whip them up. No thinking about “oh, what to do for dinner tonight?” That’s the hardest part, when you don’t know what to make and you’re sick of the same old. So far we’ve been having fish every Monday night. Well, that takes care of one night a week. Friday nights my in-laws come for dinner. Sunday nights we usually go to my parents for dinner. So really, there aren’t too many other nights of the week that I need to organize. But I definitely want to organize so that I’m never stuck. How do you decide what to do for suppers?

Now I need to decide what to knit next… I want another instant gratification project… Stay tuned.


g-girl said...

i absolutely adore this hat! glad to hear the troublemaker/instigator will be moving away. let's hope his ways haven't rubbed off on sean, you know? yes, it's natural instinct for a 2.5-3 year old to hit but both parents and teachers have to stop this early on so the child doesn't become known as a hitter, you know? good luck with finding a decent, honest guy to do the shower renovations in your home. wouldn't that be something to just have 30 go to recipes??

Amelah said...

The hat looks awesome!!!

Well that is good then, hopefully Sean will be better at daycare if the trouble maker is moving away.

My bathroom is awesome and i have not had a single problem since we redid it last September!! So i def recommended my guy depending on how much he would charge for the bathroom stall of course! Let me know what he says after u call!

I will def take some recipes if u are willing to share! I need to start learning how to make stuff, and different stuff too!

Bea said...

Dino is absolutely awesome. He looks so cute and ferocious in it. Also happy.

Manicmag said...

LOVE the hat!! Gotta look for this pattern or similar for us hookers.LOL
My Boys need this hat.

Tara said...

Awesome hat, Sean looks great! Dinner conundrums just never end, do they?