Tuesday, February 01, 2011

2.1.11 :: 9 weeks old & 213 weeks old


Quentin is 9 weeks old today.


Sean is 213 weeks old today.

Today, Quentin and I had a visitor, one of his friends (and his mom too, of course).

It was nice to have a friend over. Both boys slept for most of the visit. We did catch them awake for a bit just before they headed home, so we grabbed a few photos.

Today I was in much better spirits. I'm still a bit nervous about the unknown with Quentin having Laryngomalacia. I'm marking down every feeding he does, and how much he drinks. I'm marking down anything else that strikes me as not normal. Quentin had an "episode" (I'll call it that) today, where his face turned bright red, and he was making this weird face and he gasped for air. It freaked this shit out of me. Quentin's friend was over and luckily (just in case) his mom knows CPR (she's a teacher). I said if this episode happens again, I'm taking him to the hospital. Today's episode lasted a few minutes where he kept gasping. Then, formula came out of his nose. I suctioned it out, and he was fine. But I was really freaked out. I'm hoping it doesn't happen again. I'm keeping a close eye on him. I'm even sleeping on his floor of his room, on a futon mattress at night.

I spent most of the rest of the day calling pediatricians offices. I learned on Thursday at our doctor's office that our doctor will be taking a sabbatical leave. This is on top of our clinic closing and her moving to another clinic (a little bit further away). This is after she just came back from a one year maternity leave. I need a doctor for the kids. So I called and called. I got no where. No one is taking new patient. I even tried playing the newborn card. Doesn't work so well if it's your 3rd kid even if they were taking on new patients, it has to be your first newborn. Dang. (I wasn't going to lie, that's not cool). Then, tonight, when Jamie got home, I asked him who his doctor as a child was, because I got a name of a doctor near his childhood home. When I tell him the name, he laughs. No, it wasn't his pediatrician, but his best friend (who actually was over tonight), his mom is that doctor's secretary. Jamie's best friend is looking into it, and is seeing if he can get his mom to get us in there. I'll know more tomorrow. Honestly... it's really about who you know. (I did name drop on a lot of the phone calls today, but it didn't really help me at all, unfortunately).

I didn't "check-in" on Friday for my diet, since I was at the hospital with Quentin. For spending a few days "out of my element" and eating hospital cafeteria food, I managed to actually lose half a pound. I'm now down 12 and a half pounds since January 1st. I'm very happy with my progress so far. And I long for spring when I can go for walks to the park, and get more exercise, outdoors. I'm sick of the cold weather.

Today's Link Love:|
- Today I made this banana bread recipe. I made one plain and one with chocolate chips (for the kids). I've been cooking lately, but I can't remember the last time I baked. It felt good.
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- I'm involved in a Blog Tour for author Leah Ingram. The details are on her blog here. She'll be vising my blog with a Q&A on Monday, February 21st for her new book.
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sapphireblue said...

That's very freaky. I would have panicked too. I hope you can get that diagnosed asap. Poor guy!

Sandra said...


you're doing everything right - keeping track of any changes, and especially what he's eating is exactly what the doctors will want to see - it really helps them. I know that doesn't make it easier to deal with ababy that's not feeling great - it's tough. Thankfully you have family to help.
thinking oggd thoughts for the whole family.

carolyn said...

Oh my god, I would have totally freaked out too. The squeakiness in his breathing - it does sound like he can't get air. I'm so very glad the doctors diagnosed it properly so that you know he is okay and getting enough air. I bet you may see more of this spitting up. Keep us updated on the search for a new dr. and let us know all the answers to your questions. Are you putting him on his stomach now or waiting for an okay from a doctor?

Tara said...

I agree with Sandra. Sure you're freaked, but you're doing everything you can do, being extra vigilant and staying on top of it. You're being a good mum.

g-girl said...

now, i know you noticed the breathing before the doctor visit and you were going to ask during that visit about it but had you noticed episodes like the one he had on this day? jw. i'm sure it was scary. to do cpr on an infant, it's two breaths and 30 compressions with 2 fingers. good luck with finding a new doctor..

Jennifer said...

Glad you're doing better. It's hard, but at least you'll get more answers soon. Good luck finding a pediatrician! I only got one 'cus he used to be MINE LOL.

Amelah said...

Love the facial expressions from Q! Too funny!!

Oh my about his episode! I would have freaked out too!! :S

Congrats on the weight loss! You are doing amazing so far!

Bea said...

Congrats on the weight loss. That's fabulous!

Bea said...

Also the breathing thing would have completely freaked me out as well. I'm glad it didn't last longer and that your friend has the CPR thing down.