Wednesday, February 16, 2011


Today Quentin and I ventured out to see the movie Just Go With It with Quentin's friend Nate & his mom. It wasn't the best movie in the world, but we sat there laughing throughout the entire movie, which was fun. It was definitely an enjoying (but long) movie. By the end of the movie we were noticing the time.


While at the movies, I gave Nate the bottle holder that I finished sewing for him. His mom had seen ours while over visiting one time and wanted one for Nate. I told her that I would make one for her since I was going to make another one for Quentin and that I'd do them all together. I actually have one like the one above in progress (just needs the last finishing touches), for Quentin as well. I now have the black one that I just finished in my diaper bag, and the green one I made while still pregnant to keep in the house. I wanted to make one more so that I had one upstairs in the house and one for the kitchen. I'm always looking for mine ("where did I last leave it") so the more the merrier. I only use it when I need to feed Quentin and I also need my hands free. (While cooking dinner, baking, chasing after the other kids, or one of them needs my attention, while in the middle of doing dishes, laundry, eating dinner myself... etc. He never is left unattended with it for safety reasons). I like how this Sesame Street "baby" characters one came out. I hope she likes it.


Today in the mail I got a skein of Malabrigo Lace in Sapphire Green. I did a swap with someone on Ravelry, she wanted my skein of Malabrigo Lace in Molly that I had for destash. I went to go enter it into my stash to realize that I already have some of this colorway (intended for the Featherweight Cardigan - when I get around to it). Either I now have more for my project incase needed, or I will find something else for this skein I got today in a yarn exchange. I guess I must really like the color!


Our crazy busy house at bedtime.


I love that the boys really really really love their brother. Having Quentin I wasn't sure what to expect in terms of Sean & Mack being jealous - but they absolutely adore him. This melts my heart.

Today's Random Thought:
How long after the expiry date would you eat a bag of microwavable popcorn?

Today's Quote:
The only exercise some people get is jumping to conclusions, running down their friends, side-stepping responsibility, and pushing their luck! ~Author Unknown

Today’s Link Love:
- Love this crayon skirt. Too bad I don't have any daughters.
- Love this vintage ruffle necklace tutorial.
- 5 free Huggies Enjoy the Ride Rewards Points: BKJXZHTTFNBSPGB.


jacquelyn karp said...

oh my goodness... the crayon apron is super cute... and i have 3 nieces! i see some sewing in my future!

inMovies said...

It's great to still have time to enjoy a movie with such a handful on your plate. Great choice of movie as Just Go With It ranked at the top spot in last week's North American Box Office. Cheers.

Amelah said...

Cute crayon skirt!

I guess it's good you are trying to update your Rav stash, so you can check your inventory before you order/swap! Too funny!

It really is previous how much they love their brother!

Sandra said...

How about crayon shorts? If my son was younger, I'd probably make some. Or even a crayon apron, like a tool belt... Hmmm, too bad my son is too old for the cute...

Tara said...

Always room for a little more Malabrigo in one's stash ;)

g-girl said...

i would eat that microwave popcorn asap before it gets any older. lol! seems as though quentin was the best thing that could've happened to sean and mackenzie. :D

Anonymous said...

That bottle holder is genius!