Thursday, February 03, 2011

2.3.11 :: 137 weeks old


Mack is 137 weeks old today.


Today was one of those days.
Quentin and I hung out.

We did venture out for a bit, and because Quentin decided to not keep his last bottle down, I had to wash his entire Bundle-me ensemble of his car seat. So, I took out a snow suit I'd gotten, in 3-6 month size, thinking that it would be better to get 3-6 month size instead of 0-3, seeing as though I was due in December and I wanted it to last me throughout the winter, until at least the end of March. I wasn't thinking at the time that I have small babies, why would Quentin be any different than his brothers? Three small babies. The 0-3 month snow suit would have worked wonderful throughout the entire winter I'm sure. So Quentin was completely lost in the snow suit (above). We ran some groceries and we checked in at the CLSC for his weigh-in. As of today he's 7 lbs 15 oz (3.61kg or 3610 grams). Still under the 8 lbs mark, though he should be about 8 lbs by tomorrow providing he still keeps gaining at the same 22 g per day that he's done this past week. This is an improvement, as he had gained previously on some weeks, 15g, 20 g (one week he had even gained 31g on average per day). 22g is good. We'll take it! Most people when they find out that he's still under 8 lbs say "My son (or daughter) was way bigger than that at birth"... Yeah, I know, I make 'em small. Good things come in small packages.


Tonight we had a little surprise for the boys.


I had picked up glow sticks, we turned out the lights in my bedroom and had some fun with them. It's inexpensive and lots of entertainment. If you're looking for something to do one evening or on a rainy day, this is a lot of fun with young kids.

Last night, I started sewing again. I got the energy to cut out and start to sew bottle holders. I wanted to make an extra for the house and one for his diaper bag. As well, my friend that was over the other day saw it too and thought it was the most genius thing ever, so I cut out fabric and sewed one for her too - her son is Quentin's very first friend. It's this pattern that I used. I even used for one of the new ones I made for Quentin and the one I made for his friend, the same cute material that I used to make one for Mackenzie over 2 years ago. The 2nd one I made for Quentin was in re-purposed material from a nursing wrap I got (I'm not nursing) and I really loved the material (design). I need to finish the last parts of these 3 bottle holders with some hand sewing that needs to get done, and once that is done, I will show you what I made. I also made the time to sew a garment for my step-mother-in-law, she asked me to fix a strap on something that broke. She kept forgetting to bring it over to our house when they came for Friday night dinner, so she finally brought it the Friday before last. I was going to do it last Thursday or Friday before they came, but last week was spend with Quentin at the hospital, so I didn't get the chance to do that. I am actually quite impressed with the fact that I was able to fix her piece of clothing instead of her going to a dress maker/seamstress to get it fixed.


g-girl said...

oooh, glowsticks are definitely a lot of fun young and old alike!

Tara said...

Glowsticks are swesome. We buy the thinner ones at the dollar store, the ones you can turn into bracelets, and call them Power Bracelets :)

Amelah said...

Awesome picture of Q with his eyes wide opened! Oy! Too cute!

I need to start sewing again! Been so busy lately! Blah!

Looks like they had a blast with the glow sticks!

Bea said...

Oh that face. I love the glowsticks. How much fun is that?