Saturday, February 12, 2011



At this morning's skate lesson, Mack showed great improvement. While he can't pick himself up yet when he falls down, he learned how to skate today without the help of the bar (above, he's the one in the blue snow suit standing up skating with the bar). We were really impressed with his progress today.


After skating we headed to the hockey card store. Today is National Hockey Card Day and the card store was handing out free cards. We each got a pack to open.


Jamie also got a box of cards for us all to open. We all enjoy doing it together.
It's fun to open them and see what cards you could pull from a pack.


This afternoon before I took a nice afternoon nap (2 hours - it was beautiful), I grabbed a shot of my progress on Quentin's Wyatt sweater. I am really enjoying this project. I hope to be done it soon. I'm not entirely sure what size it will actually be when done, the pattern states that the smallest size is NB to 9 month size. Not sure what size that is really... but I guess I will find out once done, when it will actually fit Quentin. (Who is in NB size now, officially).

This evening we dropped off all the kids at my parents house and Jamie and I went out to our fave restaurant for a nice Valentine's Day Dinner. It was really nice to be out without the kids. It was the first time since Quentin was born. (The first time I was actually away from Quentin - besides leaving him for 10 minutes with Jamie to go to daycare to pick up Sean & Mack). It felt weird being away from Quentin, since he's still a newborn and since we spend every waking moment together, practically. (We did pick up Quentin on our way home, but Sean & Mackenzie are having a sleepover at their grandparents house tonight.


Jamie gave me this really nice Swarovski Love Pendant for Valentine's Day. I absolutely love it.


Tara said...

Happy Valentine's, Robyn! Glad you got to celebrate with Jamie and some alone time :)

Balkan Style Bloggers said...

That's some sweet bling bling! :)

g-girl said...

very pretty pendant! :)

dawn said...

The cards look like they were fun for all! Your heart pendant is lovely! Lucky you.

Amelah said...

Go Mack Go!!

Nice pendant :D Very pretty! Wear it well!

Bea said...

The hockey cards sound like a fun family activity. I'm glad you guys had a wonderful Valentine's dinner.