Saturday, February 19, 2011



This morning we all headed out to skating lessons. Sean is skating faster and faster these days. All he needs left to learn is how to stop. He stops right now by either falling or going into the boards. I hope they start working on stopping soon. I got some knitting done this morning while at the rink since Quentin sleeps through skating lessons.


Mack this morning was all about holding his skating teacher's hand. He's such a flirt. His fave part of the lesson is when him & his buddy in the group get to hold onto the bar and the teacher takes them for a ride. Mack had a bit of a lazy day today at skating until he finally skated a bit on his own today. I caught a bit of it on video.


After skating we headed to Jamie's step Aunt & Uncle's house to see some family. Jamie's step-brother is in with his wife & son (above in green jacket). The boys had a field day playing with their cousins. It's amazing how many boys are in the family. It was nice to see Jamie's step-cousin and her son who is approximately 7 weeks and a few days older than Quentin.


It's always nice to see Jamie's step-family.
Quentin was rockin' his new sweater today.
It fits him perfectly.


Tonight Sean had his friends over for a sleepover. It started out with 3 friends. 1 friend went home as he has been having some bad nights lately, not sleeping in his own bed. The parents didn't want to chance him waking up in the middle of the night and freaking out (not every kid is ready for a sleepover). We ordered in pizza, and they ran around our basement playing hockey. They destroyed our playroom, den & basement. There are toys everywhere. It's fun though. I will have a huge mess to clean up tomorrow morning. They watched some Spiderman and had some popcorn. They all wanted to watch Sesame Street before bed. One friend went home just before the boys went to bed, and now I have 4 boys asleep in our den on the floor. Sean, Mack, and 2 of Sean's friends. I am praying that everything goes smoothly all night, that no one wakes up. They are so cute in their little sleeping bags. I used to have sleepovers when I was a kid. Those are some good childhood memories. I hope Sean builds some nice memories with his friends. One of the parents said that if this works out, next time they'll have it at their house - and Sean could go there to sleep over. That would be absolutely amazing. Hopefully things will keep going smoothly until morning.


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sapphireblue said...

My daughter is begging for a sleepover. I keep saying she can, but we haven't done it yet. The thought of a newborn and a house of tween-age girls. Will I ever get any sleep.

Bea said...

Oh! Learning to stop would be a great next step.

The sleepover looks fun. (Well before the cleanup!)

Jennifer said...

You are a brave, brave woman! A sleepover? Wow. :)

g-girl said...

you sure had a busy saturday!! mack did a great job skating on his own. :) i'm sure sean will learn how to stop himself soon enough. i love that sean and his friends had a sleepover. so cute. hope they were all able to fall asleep.

Jennifer Sirois said...

What a great day!

Tara said...

Sleepover for a four year-old? You're a brave, brave woman, my dear.

Amelah said...

Good job Mack!!! I can't wait to go skating with them!

Looks like Sean had an awesome time! It's nice that he included his brother too! Such a big boy! Both of them!!