Friday, February 18, 2011


This morning I took the boys to daycare and handed all my kids teachers a chocolate chip banana bread. They seemed to be well received and appreciated. I can't wait to hear how they liked my recipe. With the banana bread they received a note, that I wrote with each kid. They told me what they liked about their teachers, and I wrote it down. It was quite cute actually. Nothing wrong with a little compliment love. The one that killed me the most in cuteness was one of the ones Mack said. For one of his teachers, he likes that "she also likes the Habs and that she listens to him when he shows her his socks each day". Yep, you read that correctly. On a daily basis, Mack goes out of his way to show his one teacher what socks he has on. Even more the fun when he's wearing Habs socks....


This morning we had our music class again. This time I wanted to see if Quentin would do well in the Bumbo. And he did. I am going to definitely get him to use the bumbo more often now. He is totally ready for it. Quentin today is sporting the Ribbed Baby Jacket by Debbie Bliss that my friend Melissa knit him for my Virtual Baby Shower. It's too cute on him. (Her Ravelry Project)


I've been working on Quentin's grip - trying to get him to hold toys and stuff (he's not really playing with toys yet), but today at music I got him to grasp the instrument. It's a start.


Right after music we came straight home and shortly after, we had 2 visitors. Alison came over with Max. Max is 10 days younger than Quentin - though, you would think he was the older one of the two. It was a really nice visit, and Quentin hopes to see Max again soon. It will be a lot more fun when they can actually play together. It was nice catching up with Alison, I hadn't seen her in a very long time - maybe even not since I last lived in the city (I've been out in the suburbs for just over 3 years now). We had some banana bread, coffee, chatted & unfortunately no knitting was done - not this time.


A relaxed sleeping baby.
He's been giving me 5-6 hour stretches over the last few nights.
I'm still quite sleep deprived, but we're getting there.
Hopefully sooner rather than later, we'll be sleeping through the night.

Tonight I finished another bottler holder for Quentin (sewing the last touches by hand that needed to be done) and I will show you that tomorrow. I now have one for his diaper bag and one to leave in his chair in the kitchen and one for upstairs. I'm thinking now maybe I'll make the time to make another one, to put downstairs. I'm always looking for what I did with it, so now I don't have to look anymore. They are so easy to make, it's just a bit time consuming with the hand sewing touches at the end. I also got to knit a few rows on Wyatt, and I'm nearing the end. Hoping to cast off tomorrow.

Today’s Link Love:
- This maze quilt.
- I love this kid pant tutorial.
- Thank you Tara for linking this patchwork fabric basket tutorial.
- Thank you to Bren & Rhoda for the link to this crochet can tab flower tutorial.
- I think this onesie is too funny.


sapphireblue said...

He looks like supermodel posing.

Bea said...

Gosh he's adorable in the bumbo.

Jennifer said...

Instead of the can tab tutorial I'm getting an old blog post of yours! I think the link needs checking LOL

Knit and Purl Mama said...

The link is fixed!

Tara said...

Ooh, I love that quilt! I've been saving tutorials like mad, I can't wait to make one!

Amelah said...

Oy! Kids say the darndest things eh! And cutest!!!

Oh wow! 10 day difference?!? Really shows how SMALL baby Q is!!

Interesting quilt!