Sunday, February 06, 2011


Today Quentin and I slept in. I was zonked because he wanted to feed at 1:10 am, 2:15 am, and 3:20 am last night. At almost quarter to 4, he slept until 7:28 am. I don't mind these growth spurts, but can they happen during the day please? Not in the middle of the night when I should be sleeping?

This morning Quentin smiled at me while I was talking to him. I ♥ it. It was the first responsive smile I've gotten from him.


Quentin loves to be held, and hold onto me. Someone else held him today, and while he was good with her, when he was back in my arms, he was even more happier. I love feeling loved by my children.


I love how tiny he still is. I need to get my hands on some non-toxic ink so that I can stamp his feet & hands before they grow too big. I have Sean & Mack's hands and feet, time to do Quentin. I am not sure where my ink is or if I need more. I think I probably do need more.

Tonight we had some friends over for a small super bowl party. It was nice to have some people over, and now we have way too much leftover food. I guess I know what we'll be eating for the next few days. At least some of it was healthy. I made sure there was a variety of healthy options. And if I am up a little on the scale, it's not the end of the world, and it'll be gone before the end of the week - I know it. No point in not enjoying myself with friends because of my diet. I also was pretty good with eating tonight. I made sure to be good so that I could enjoy a sliver of cheese cake that one of our guests brought for dessert. My fave (cheesecake). I've been so good since January 1st that a little treat was definitely in order.

I have an eye doctor appointment tomorrow. I haven't been since just after Sean was born. I want to make sure my eye sight has not changed, and that I am a good candidate for Lasik. I am honestly considering it - I have been for a few years now, but was told to wait until after I was done giving birth - since your eye sight changes a bit when pregnant. Maybe that is not true (to wait til after you are done having kids) but in any case... I waited. Has anyone had Lasik? Do you recommend it? I figure I have a good 10 years before my eyesight would start going downhill again at 40. What's your thoughts on Lasik?

My new fave commercial. Habs & Knitting in one. What more could be better?

Stay tuned. I hope to have some crafty stuff for you tomorrow. I'm working on the last finishing touches to something sewn.


Caroline said...

I can't get enough of Quentin's face, he's so cute!

Good luck with the Lasik thing! I hope it works well. A few former coworkers did it and they all seemed satisfied.

Tara said...

Growth spurts are good, they'll help him reach his weight goals! :)

TROIS OISEAUX - Kimber said...

The first smile is soooo wonderful and the first of so many!

Funny you should mention LASIK I am going to make an appointment to see if I am a candidate too! Lots of my relatives have had it with excellent results and no complications (we all have the same sort of eye sight issues - lovely genetics!).

g-girl said...

oh i love the pic of q holding your hand and the b&w one of his foot and your hand! :)
i didn't know your eyesight changed when you were pregnant. i had a friend who did lasik and our asst director had lasik done as well. the only thing with it is, it isn't permanent. You have to do it again.

Maureen said...

I did my Lasik in 2003 or so. BEST thing I ever did for myself. Cost me a ton, but saved me more. (Contacts and supplies) Have never regretted it. :D

My doctor told me that this can correct vision problems, but it does not preclude the need for reading glasses due to aging. An older coworker of mine had one eye done for distance and one for up close - which apparently negates the reading glasses thing. However she was in her 50's and already using reading glasses at the time.

Email me if you want to chat more about it, but honestly I thought it was a miracle. :D

Jennifer said...

My comments on LASIK (from what customers and such have told me): I wouldn't do it for myself, because you have to sign a waiver that if anything goes wrong, they're not liable. That being said, I know people who have done it (like my brother-in-law and some customers) who are thrilled with their results. I also know some others who did it, and it didn't "take" and it had to be redone (like T). And like Maureen said, people can still need glasses sometimes afterwards, like a light reading rx right away for people with a strong progressive rx at the time the surgery was done, or needing reading glasses later on, as your eyes change.

On a separate note, the pregnancy thing is totally right on. The shape of your eyeball changes during pregnancy (what DOESN'T swell? LOL) which changes your prescription. You can go for an eye exam during pregnancy but it won't necessarily be the same as it was pre-baby, nor will it necessarily be the same post-baby. It's suggested to wait a good 6 months post-delivery in order to get an accurate exam.

Most people don't know that, just like most don't know that you should NEVER go for an eye exam, take out your contact lenses, do the exam, put your contacts back on, and leave.

The things I've learned working here... :D

Amelah said...

Love the commercial! Now if only we could knit that fast! HA HA!

Oy so tiny!!!

Bea said...

Such cute feet!

No advice about Lasik here. I've never had glasses or anything.