Wednesday, February 09, 2011



Sean asked me if he could watch Quentin while I got ready this morning. It was super cute. Of course, Mack copies everything Sean does, so he wanted to watch Quentin too. Watching Quentin means placing your hand over him to make sure he doesn't go anywhere. (Last I checked, Quentin is only 10 weeks old, and ain't going anywhere...). Still, it was pretty cute. Cute enough that I snatched my camera just in time.


Here is my current progress on Wyatt.
I'm enjoying this project.


Tonight while Jamie prepared a really yummy yogurt fruit salad for us...


I whipped two batches of Yogurt Scones. One batch with blueberries and one batch with strawberries. I substituted the sugar for splenda and the all-purpose flour for whole wheat. For whole wheat and healthy, they're quite tasty. I've been trying to think of things to make that are great for snacks. Delish. They actually came out quite good and were so simple to make. They're definitely on my list to make again. I wonder how long these will last in my house?

Next week is teacher appreciation in Sean & Mack's daycare. I don't have enough time to craft them each something elaborate. Anyone have any suggestions of what I can do? I have 5 teachers that I want to do something for. The notice up at the daycare says to not spend money, but I know a lot of the moms are not crafty and will probably buy something. Hmmm.... what to do & not feel/look cheap. Anyone have any good ideas? Please share. (And don't forget I need time to make 5 of them, or a budget for 5 things).

Tonight's Link Love:
- Another Huggies Enjoy the Ride Rewards Code: BKHGGPSBKCRMPG.
- This neat Valentine's Day DIY card tutorial.
- I love love love this 5 minute no-sew do it yourself tea cup pin cushion. Love it!
- Love this tutorial for a Marble Travel Game. I think I will have to whip one or two up for the boys! What a genius idea. They make great stocking stuffers too. If you make one & blog about it, do let me know. I'd love to see your creation.
- These airplane travel play trays are awesome. Don't want to spend 25$? Here's a tutorial on how to make one yourself.
- Love these stamped hangers. What a neat baby shower gift idea.
- This space saving furniture is AWESOME!
- I want to get an iphone so I can play with Instagram.


Tara said...

Mmmm, scones. They look really yummy! Thanks for the recipe :)

Aurora said...

As an educator even a five dollar gift card to timmies is GREAT!

Bea said...

Those cookies (and the fruit salad) look so yummy! I think I'm trying to catch up on your blog backwards, but that's ok because I just love seeing pics of the boys. They are so cute.

g-girl said...

hmm, yogurt scones? might have to check it out. :) the hand stamped hangers are adorable! they are such good big brothers. :) i love it! umm....starbucks gcs? coffee mugs with treats inside them? gcs to a bookstore?

Heddy said...

hmmm ... teacher apprecaition and Valentines Day in the same week? I saw this the other day and thought it was a cute idea, and would let you put your photography skills to work, show off your kids, give the teachers a cute picture of their students, and a little strees relieving chocolate!

And what better way to say "thanks" than with kisses (or maybe fill it with "Hugs" by hersey's instead?

dawn said...

They are such good "Quentin watchers", and they look to be taking their jobs very seriously.

Amelah said...

Oy! Sean & Mackenzie are uber cute watching their little brother!!! Love it!