Saturday, February 26, 2011


Quentin was really good to us again last night. He went to bed around 9:30 and got up this morning just after 7 am. I fed him and we both went back to bed. Jamie let me sleep in with him this morning while he took the boys to their skating lesson. The extra sleep is really doing some good. I'm hoping that I'll start to feel back to normal now that Quentin might actually be sleeping through the night.


This afternoon Jamie picked up the sofa bed from his step-aunt & step-uncle. It's in great shape, and now we have something for guests to sleep on if we should have any. We'll be getting rid of 2 couches from our basement that are destroyed (under couch covers) but I have to call the city to find out how to get rid of large items. It's actually a cute sofa bed, though eventually we'll replace it for something a little better than Ikea quality. But for now, it was free, and appreciated.


This afternoon I went with my sister to our local book store to see author Catherine McKenzie. I met her last year when she was there for a book signing for her first book, Spin.


This time I got my copy of Arranged signed. I think Catherine forgot that we'd met in the past, because she wrote "Good to finally meet you" in my book. Oops! I'm in the middle of Arranged right now, just under 100 pages in and I'm really enjoying it. Once my other contest for Toss, Keep, Sell is over on Monday, I'll announce on Tuesday my contest to win a copy of Arranged. Don't forget to go over to the other post and enter the contest to win a copy of Toss, Keep, Sell.


I've been trying to figure out what to do with Quentin's door, since the letters that I have on Sean & Mack's door, I cannot find anymore to do the same. I finally picked up some art & craft supplies and put this together for his door. I hope he likes it. I think it has the same color fun like Sean & Mack's door.


I ran out of Johnson & Johnson's Head to Toe Baby Wash during Quentin's bath, so this time I tried Burt's Bees Baby Shampoo & Body Wash (which I have a few samples of). I've always been a fan of their lip balm in both the tube & tin. I was actually quite impressed with the baby wash, and will definitely use it again.

Today's Link Love:
- I absolutely love this picture of these sextuplets.
- And this one too of them.
- I love these preschool packs.
- This pancake recipe looks really good.


Tara said...

You're right, those sextuplets are adorable. But can you IMAGINE having 6 babies???? Holy freakin' crap.

Maureen said...

He looks great in his Cache Coeur!

Love the preschool packs - what a great link!!

g-girl said...

i love those preschool packs too!! she has amazing stuff. :) i just discovered them at the end of last week too! very nice sofa bed. i'm sure it will come in handy. :)

dawn said...

Yay for sleeping! Those sextuplets are adorable...I could not imagine having that many babies at once.