Saturday, April 10, 2010


Today I went to Chapters in my area for a book signing.

I went to go get my book Spin autographed by the author Catherine McKenzie.
She happens to be a local author, lawyer & teacher from Westmount.


I hope I enjoy it too!
Since I’m not reading anything, I’m going to start it now.

I grabbed a drink up at Starbucks after the book signing, I worked on another square for Babette, and contemplated what I’m going to be doing with my sock yarn blanket. At 2 hours a square, I don’t think I’ll ever finish it soon. I am thinking, either to see if it’s worth finishing off into a small baby blanket – OR frog what I’ve done, and use the yarn for a 2nd Babette – but this time, instead of in solid/semi-solid/tonal skeins, to do it in variegated. And make 2 couch blankets instead of one Babette & one Mitered Square that seems to never want to get done. I think I might actually go ahead and frog it. From the looks of it, I need about 22 squares to make it a square blanket (or rather a rectangle) and then all the “triangles” to make it square in between each end square. (Because I’d line it). Ugh. 22 squares at 2 hours each? (US 0 needles, 51 sts squares). (I remember them being about 2 hours a square, though maybe now that I’ve been knitting longer, maybe I knit faster). We’ll see. I wont’ frog it yet. Maybe it’ll become a baby blanket for a gift. Who knows. But that’s a lot of work that gone into it so far, and that still needs to get done. Babette (crochet) squares are so much faster. Takes me between 20 – 30 minutes to do a 5 round square (depending on if I’m talking to other people, watching tv, etc…! Lots of factors go into the time). Ok, we’ll see. As I said, no frogging will be done yet for the blanket.

During my afternoon errands I saw this in a parking lot. HOW on earth is the person supposed to get in & out of their car? Through the trunk??


What is even more ridiculous is their parking job. Look at where the lines are.


This evening the kids enjoyed The Wiggles in Concert on DVD. Sean & I found it today at the Pharmacy for a very good price, so I let him get it. They absolutely love The Wiggles. Do your kids watch it?

They were having such a blast dancing around in their pj’s to the DVD. I love it. They love it.

I came to my room earlier to find a very stressed out Monkey. I couldn’t stop laughing when I saw it. I’m not sure if Sean placed it like this on purpose, or if the monkey’s hand just so happen to have fallen like that. I got a great laugh out of it.


Balkan Style Bloggers said...

Our favourite Wiggles song is Fruit Salad!

Amelah said...

Looks like your kids have the wiggles LOL. We actually nicknamed Harley wiggles, because when he gets extremely excited, his tail wiggles back and forth so fast - it's hilarious!!

Frog it? Nooooooooo! Wow, that would take courage!!! Good luck with that lol, i hate ripping out a project :S

Poor stressed out monkey! LOL That is pretty funny!!!!

And lastly, wow on that parking job! I feel bad for the person in the middle...wonder who messed up on the parking job first..

Bea said...

Yes! Frog it. Do you really want to spend 44 more hours on it? No, no you don't. You have much better ways to spend your not that frequent free time then knitting squares just to have it done into a smallish blanket.

Big Girl Feet said...

Aww monkey! Too funny!!
I agree, don't frog the blanket- put it aside for a while then come back to it at some point. It looks so cool I'd hate to see it go!

Kerry said...

I used to have a little pad of notes I got at a novelty store for just this sort of parking problem. They thanked the person who parked so closely and nicely asked if they could leave a can opener next time. Ok, so it wasn't so nicely and there was a bit of name calling too but it was funny. Ah, the good old days. LOL

Dailaesse still loves the Wiggles! And I found myself singing fruit salad the other day. Good clean family programming. :-)

Might the boys have been playing hide and seek with the monkey? Looks like he was left counting.

I think you should sleep on the blanket for a bit too since you seem undecided.

Manicmag said...

You can do it! It is too beautiful to frog! Can't you turn it into a shawl or a lap blanket or a table cloth doily thingy?
Or what about a pillow cover. Yeah that's a great idea!! Will even match you Babette blanket!
Would have been great if you stuck around for the owner on van and got their reaction on camera :)

jeloca said...

I took a look at your blanket on Rav and agree with Manicmag- what about a pillow cover? You can sew it to a backing of plain fabric, and when you sew it, use the smallest, shortest st your machine will allow. That will let you sew through the center of the outer edge diamonds, basically cutting them in half so you have a rectangle pillow cover, and you can trim off the other half and put some fray-check on the cut edge (and maybe some zig zag stitch too).

That monkey is too funny! and WE LOVE THE WIGGLES.

g-girl said...

haha. the monkey is great. the wiggles? one of my students a couple years ago was obsessed with the wiggles! our own resident monkey isn't too into them though. not sure what you should do about your sock yarn blankie but i would definitely hold off on frogging it though!

Tara said...

Don't frog it! Are you NUTS??? How many hours have you put into that thing? Just give it a breather and come back to it when you're thinking clearly!