Friday, April 16, 2010



Today I had the boys vernissage at their school. I went to Sean’s last year. They have it every April to raise money to get new books for the library in the daycare. Above is the painting Mack did. I love his little hands.


And the lady bug he made, since he’s in the lady bug class.

And this is Sean’s collage. I love it. I love all of their work.
There were pictures on the wall behind their table showing the kids making the stuff.
It’s really neat to see the process of how' it’s done.
It takes weeks for them to do this, step by step.

Tonight I switched Jamie’s socks from the 9” circulars (Hiya’s) that I was using to some sock sized DPNs. I didn’t like the way the yarn was sliding on the circulars, and it was driving me crazy. I am not sure how much I like these anymore. They’re kind of useless when you get to the heel part of the sock, so it’s only really good for part of the sock knitting. I’m not even sure why I ever got them in the first place. I guess I’m a DPN girl when it comes to sock knitting…!

FedEx stopped by my house today with a new shipment of Knit Kits (Black ones)! If you are interested in one, I have a few left that aren’t reserved, so let me know if you are interested in one.

I did a lot of laundry today, making sure that I had what I wanted to pack in my suitcase for my upcoming trip was clean. I also wanted to leave Sean & Jamie with no laundry so that they wouldn’t have to do any while I was out of town.

I got an invitation in the mail today for a kid that used to be in the first playgroup I was in with Mack. Have you ever gotten an invitation to a party that you just don’t want to go to? Anyhow, I am kind of glad that we already received an invite to a party on the same day at almost the same time, that we’ve already RSVP’ed to. I have nothing against the mom that is hosting the party, we still keep in touch, but I don’t really want to hang out with all the moms that I blocked on facebook, that were really mean to me, because they’re just not nice people. I’m just glad that I didn’t have to lie that we can’t be there, and actually have a valid excuse. I would hate to have to lie to a friend. On top of it, it’s not as if Jamie can take Sean to his friend’s party (that we are going to, and Mack is invited to as well – from their daycare) and myself take Mack to his friend’s party, as Jamie has a bachelor party that day, which is the entire day. (The day starts with paintball – I really hope Jamie doesn’t come home with welts & bruises).

I’ve been working on backing up all my digital pictures (and files as well). I really don’t want to take the chances of having a problem, so I’ve been backing them up twice. This way, if anything happens, I have a 2nd back-up of everything. After hearing a lot of horror stories of friends and family losing pictures, I don’t want to take any chances. It’s all pictures of my kids & stuff! Don’t want to lose those. Best be safe than sorry.



Bea said...

I thought the point of paintball was welts and bruises, well fun too, but...

Love Sean's collage. So awesome.

Big Girl Feet said...

Cute art projects- the fish are super cute!!
I like dpns for socks too, I never got how a circular would work- I think I might ask Bea for a demo!
And yes- good idea to back everything up- that's something I need to do too- yikes!

Open Roads Mama said...

Hi! Haven't visited for a while, your boys are growing so quickly!
Just love your new blog background!!!

g-girl said...

wow. they do amazing art at sean and mack's daycare! i love mack's handprint painting, his ladybug and of course i love sean's collage. wow! maybe your circs aren't long enough? for me circs are easier to use on socks cos then i won't ever have to worry about losing a needle (which has happened before!). glad you don't have to lie about not wanting to go to the party!

Manicmag said...

Beautiful artwork. I think that my mother's day gift to myself this year will be to get their hand (and maybe foot) prints on canvas.
Would love to comment on circulars vs DPN, but haven't used any yet, I'm a hooker :)

Amelah said...

Love the art work! I need a painting from Mack as I have one from Sean on my walls in the hallway.

I have my back up on 2 hard drives, one is always on & attached to my computer and the second one is kept at work. This way, in case of fire I have it out of the house. Plus I do it on DVD's as well, because well you just never know!

Kerry said...

The boys did some amazing artwork! Well worth the money spent.

Thank you so very, very much for the birthday wishes! And thanks for being a great friend! I'm incredibly blessed to know you. :-)

Tara said...

Nice collages, Mommy! Everyone gets invites to parties they don't want to attend. Glad you were able to find a way out!