Thursday, April 08, 2010


Today I love:

dinnovator The Dinnovator.


I checked both of them out today to figure out what I’d be making for supper tonight. 2 Great websites!


Sean was so excited to wear his new rain boots to school today. He's been begging for almost a week to wear them. I think he just likes them because they have the Habs logo on them.


While I made dinner tonight, the boys watched youtube videos on Jamie's laptop.


For dinner, I made Impossibly Easy Ham & Cheddar Pie.


It was impossibly easy & very yummy. Melted cheese.... yum!


I received some fun mail today! From Heather in Nova Scotia! She was my swap partner for a Ravelry swap. I still do the odd swap here or there, as it's fun to receive mail! The theme was color and my color choice this time was "shades" (Black/White/Grey). I love everything I got. (The cashews, they're gone!) YUM!


My fave part of the package was this pair of earrings. (I love earrings). They're awesome. Thanks Heather for everything!

I'm getting in an order of Knit Kits (the black ones) into the shop. If you're interested in purchasing one, please contact me! There are a few left that haven't been yet reserved.


Amelah said...

Really cool package! It is fun to received stuff in the mail. Sadly I only get bills lately.

Sean is too cute, as always.

g-girl said...

wow. sea glass earrings?? awesome!

Bea said...

Love the earrings. Very cool. Cashews are one of two nuts I just can't stand. The other being hazelnuts. Your dinner looks good. Too bad its ham and cheddar. I wonder if it would taste good with tuna?

Tara said...

Definitely checking out the Dinnovator. What a cool idea! :)