Thursday, April 01, 2010


donateddresses A while ago, I heard in the USA that there was a program called The Cinderella Project (this links the BC, Canada one). I couldn’t find a chapter near by, so I didn’t think anything more of it. Then, I got an email from my ex-boyfriend’s mother (we still keep in touch because she quilts/knits a bit) and she always sends me forwards and stuff. This one happened to be asking people if they had any dresses to donate, there is a school in Lachine, Quebec that is looking for donations for their graduating girls. A lot of them come from homes that cannot afford dresses. I contacted back my ex’s mother and asked her to put me in touch with the person at the high school that was collecting the dresses. Turns out, the teacher doing this fundraiser, is a friend of a friend, and also was my camp counsellor back in 1996 when I went away to sleep away camp. We arranged for her to come pick up 6 dresses today. I decided that they were just sitting here collecting dust, and I didn’t think I’d ever wear them again (let alone fit into them again), so off they went. I hope each & everyone of them make a high school girl happy. I donated my prom dress, the dress I wore to my brother’s bar mitzvah, the dress I wore to my sweet 16, the dress I wore to my sister’s sweet 16, a dress I wore to my cousin’s bar mitzvah and a dress that I wrote to a combo party of my cousin’s bar mitzvah & his sister’s sweet 16. Feels good to do some spring cleaning. It was also really good to see an old friend. If anyone in the Montreal area has old dresses they want to donate to the school, please let me know, I’ll put you in contact with the teacher.


Today the kids came home from daycare with their Easter goodies.
They each made a hat & basket.


Sean is so cute in the hat he made!


It was so nice out today, that the kids played outside in the backyard.


It seems there are even some onions starting in the garden…!? Very confused by this! Maybe this is a hint to get cracking on my seeds… must start thinking about that. I have ordered most of my seeds that I need… need to get those started. I think there might just be one or two seeds I’m missing. I can’t wait to eat fresh from the garden for a 3rd summer in a row! It’s so satisfying.

This evening Jamie & I relaxed and watched a lot of TV. We wanted an evening to wind down from our busy life. We had a ton of stuff to catch up on, so I worked on some squares for Babette and relaxed with a glass of red wine. Just what the doctor ordered.

Hope you all had a good April Fool’s Day! Anyone play a joke on you? How’d it go? No jokes for us this year. Maybe when the kids are older.


Big Girl Feet said...

Aww that's nice that you donated the dresses, I'm sure some lucky girls will love them!

Amelah said...

I remember those dresses!! I have a whole bunch that mom made me take.

Sean makes a cute bunny!!!

Hmm I love cherry tomatoes from your garden!!

Balkan Style Bloggers said...

I was just reading about the Cinderella project this week! It's a fantastic cause! And your dresses were lovely! What a sweet gift they will make to some girls out there. :)

Bea said...

Love this idea for "recycling" dresses. Most of the time you only wear them once anyway. I'm looking forward to seeing your garden grow.

g-girl said...

There's a chapter of the Cinderella project in the San Francisco area. I need to look for one around these parts as both my sister and I have tons of old gowns that we know we won't be wearing anytime soon! i can't wait to see the garden either! :)

Anonymous said...

I have some old dresses, at least one or two bridesmaid dresses. Can you give me the info? Thanks!

Tara said...

I'm glad you didn't give away your wedding dress, at least!!! I still have my old prom dress too, but I doubt anyone would wear it now. 18 years is a long time in the fashion world!