Tuesday, April 13, 2010



Mack’s been wearing his hat sideways and going around saying “Cool Dude”. I think his brother taught him that!


Sean’s been loving riding his tricycle around the circle we live in.
Mack’s a little upset he couldn’t go too.
I *think* I have a trike for him to ride as well.
(Must find where that box is).


We played with chalk in the driveway today. Ahhh, I love spring.

This is the best activity ever. I love it. Keeps them entertained for a while & the mess is contained outside (no inside clean-up) and they get fresh air. Can’t ask for anything better!

mackiecutiechalk seandrawchalk seanhappyfacedraw
Sean loves drawing happy faces. He just learned how.



The contractors seem to be doing their work on time, and I think they’ll be out of my hair by the weekend. I like this. Not too much else going on around here, getting stuff organized, keeping up with the spring cleaning, trying to organize plans for Mackenzie’s 2nd birthday, knocking stuff off my to-do list including wrapping 3 birthday gifts for 3 upcoming birthday parties, so that I’m not scrounging around the morning of the party (or an hour before) trying to wrap the gift to find out I don’t have what I need to wrap it). Feels good to cross stuff off your to-do list. Ahhhh! Yes.

Off to go crawl into bed & continue reading as much Spin as I can before I fall asleep.


g-girl said...

sidewalk chalk on a sunny day fun!!! have you tried letting them dip the chalk in water? makes their drawings more vibrant. :) (but a lil messy!).

Bea said...

Sidewalk chalk rocks! Organization does too!

Amelah said...

Ooooh! I love side walk chalk!! At least I can use my nephews as an excuse to do it lol maybe when Sean sleeps over!! hehehe

Tara said...

Another fun no-mess activity is to give them a bucket of water and a couple of paint brushes so they can "paint". I'm telling you, they LOVE it!