Friday, April 30, 2010

04.30.10 :: Yarn P0rn Friday


Every Friday for the next little while, I am going to do Yarn P0rn Friday. I’m going to show you the gifts I received in Vancouver, B.C. for my birthday. Since I’m on a yarn diet for 2010, I am going to show you it over time, so that I can stretch it out, and it’ll be as if I am getting new yarn weekly. Why not. The first edition of YPF is the lovely Noro Shirakaba that I got with the gift certificate that was waiting for me at Three Bags Full in Vancouver from my sister. What a lovely gift idea. I picked up for the exact amount of the gift certificate, 4 skeins of Noro. The colors are just gorgeous. I picked up colorway 4 (pink) and colorway 6 (purple).

Thank you to my sister for the lovely gift. Exactly what I wanted!

I haven’t picked out a project yet. They’re considered worsted, so maybe a hat? It’s incredibly soft. Maybe some mittens. The composition is 42% silk, 40% cotton and 18% wool. So silky smooth. I love it. Maybe a cowl. We’ll see. I might just let them marinate in my stash for a while before deciding what to do with them.


I got a letter today from the Sherriff's department. In exact words it read:

"Your application for exemption, respecting disqualification or to be excused from attending in court as juror has been GRANTED. You need not therefore attend at the courthouse, as required in the summons that you have received."

So I don’t have to go to court anymore on June 7th for jury duty. Phew. I wasn’t really interested anyhow in serving. I just kept thinking horrible things about the guy or girl who gets convicted, sending someone after all the jurors and hunting them down for sending them to jail. I don’t know, I guess I watch too much Law & Order or CSI. In any case, I mailed off the correct paperwork within the 20 days of receiving the summons, and I am glad they accepted my reason for exemption. I am going to hang onto this letter for a while just in case my paperwork doesn’t get filed correctly and they hunt me down for not showing up. This paper is my proof. Just in case. It’ll be just my luck if I don’t hang onto it.

I had Sean & Mack’s parent teacher interviews yesterday. Both boys are doing very well in school. Mack’s still weak on his legs (he’s still walking on his tip toes, as if he’s still learning to walk, but that I noticed) but has exceptional upper body strength and a wicked throw (balls in gym class). He is the only kid in his class who can sit patiently for over 20 minutes and either color, or read a book. He has a love for both. Sean is the only child in his class who can count from 1 to 20 in order, without messing up. He also is the King of puzzles. (He LOVES puzzles). If a child in the class asks for help, Sean runs over and is glad to help them solve a puzzle. He also is the only classmate who is coordinated enough to catch a ball, and is very talented sports wise. (That was no surprise… my boys are both athletes…) I was very impressed with both their interviews, and their teachers had absolutely nothing to complain about. Sean however, is the last boy left in diapers. There is one other in pull-ups, but he’s the last in diapers. We talked about it though, and he is going to the bathroom whenever they do a bathroom run, but he’s still constantly wet in between. We cannot force him to potty train any more than he is, because it seems that he just has a small bladder and can’t control it yet. I am sure when he’s ready, his bladder will mature. This does frustrate me though, because he’s the last one left in his class (boys wise) in diapers. He’s almost 3 and a half (in June). I cannot push him though, since it’s not a mental thing, but a physical thing. I just hope his bladder will grow soon though. I don’t want him to be embarrassed because of still being in diapers when his friends aren’t. I am going to talk to the doctor when I go in June for Mack’s 2 year check-up. Maybe there is something I can be doing, that we’re not yet. Though, it’s not as if he can take medication to make his bladder larger, so that he can hold it in longer until he uses a toilet instead of going in his diaper. If that makes any sense whatsoever? Have you had a child (more specifically a boy) who was constantly wet? At what age did they finally potty train? Please share your experiences with me. It’ll be very comforting if you would.

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Emily said...

I LOVED jury duty. I served on an arson trial two years ago, and I learned SO much that week about the court system, the legal profession, etc. I really look forward to the next time I am called-- it was like my own personal episode of Law & Order! (The Prosecutor was totally hot, too!)

Kerry said...

I know you asked about boys, but my middle kiddo had a really tough time too. She started kindergarten with Pull-Ups because she was still having day and night accidents. Poor little peanut. She actually had them until she was about 11 although about midway through kindergarten she was finally not having accidents during the day. We tried limiting her liquids as suggested by our doctor but other than that, there was nothing else he could recommend. What finally worked was this nose spray that the doctor prescribed for her. If I remember correctly, she used it just once a day before bed. I think she used it for a couple months and when she decided she didn't want to use it anymore she didn't have any accidents when she came off it. 2 of my male cousins had bed wetting problems well in to their teens and it's actually supposed to be more common in males. There are lots of different causes for it and our doctor really didn't seem to be concerned about it until it really started to bother my daughter. I'd say check with your doctor just to be sure there isn't something medical going on. I know they did a urinalysis for my daughter to rule out any sort of infection but that was all. Another thing you might want to try is putting him in big boy underpants (with some rubber pants over them if you can find some) so he can actually feel that he's wet. Diapers do a really great job of pulling the moisture away from the skin so they don't always realize they're even wet. If he realizes he's wet he might be more inclined to use the potty more often because it's uncomfortable for them to be wet. If Sean is really active or tends to concentrate really well he might be waiting too long before he goes. Just some suggestions. :-) I've always taken a fairly laid back attitude with the kids and figure as long as it's not threatening their health that they'll do things in their own time. They're each individuals and they're going to do things when the time is right for them.

Caroline said...

Nice yarn! I'm also trying this yarn diet thing, until the end of the year. It's going to be hard!

Big Girl Feet said...

That yarn you chose is beautiful and so soft!! I can't wait to see what you make with it!

Amelah said...

Awesome! Especially with the latest happening at our damn courts downtown!! What reason did you give them for not serving?

Your boys are too smart for their own good lol. Sean especially [I say this since Mack is not talking talking, but he is getting there!!!]

Sean was good at the potty at my place, he went before bed and in the morning :D Sounds like you are doing everything good though! Remember he is a boy LOL they aren't like us girls :P

Sarah B. said...

Don't stress yourself too much about the potty! Bean is a couple of months older and still having trouble with #2. She's trying to hold it in and then ends up having accidents. For pee pee training, I let her run around the house naked, which she loved, and she would just run into the potty when she needed to use it. The diaper wicked too much moisture away, so she didn't care if she peed in it, but now she uses the potty for pee every time.

g-girl said...

the shirakaba looks lovely! i'm sure you'll find the right project for both colorways in due time. :) congrats on not needing to do jury duty! i would hold onto the paperwork just in case too. wow, sounds like you received pretty good reports for both boys!

Tara said...

Soft Noro! What a fabulous concept! Can't wait to see what you knit up with it :)