Tuesday, April 27, 2010



Today started off on the wrong foot. Not sure how, but it just did. We got up on time though, actually earlier than expected. We got ourselves washed up, organized and out the door on time. We loaded the car up with all our luggage. We said our goodbyes to Tammi (my husband’s dad’s best friend), was told next time to come stay with her longer than just one night, and then headed to the airport. There was traffic on the highway, but somehow I managed to take a side road or something that landed us in the right lane to the airport ramp and straight into the car rental return lane. We returned the van, in the same exact condition we picked it up in. (All dents and scratches & knicks were pre-noted on my paperwork beforehand, so that I wouldn’t be held responsible).

Bea helped me get to domestic check-in. I checked my bags and car seat, and then said our goodbyes and I parted ways with her. She was flying back home to Texas later on today. I went through Security (the advantage of traveling with a child & stroller, is that you get to go through quicker) and Mack through a fit because Bunny had to go through the x-ray machine and he wasn’t having it.

We get to the gate in good timing. I have time before pre-boarding, which was to start in about 15-20 minutes. I go to Starbucks next to the gate and get a drink, sandwich, and banana (for Mackenzie. Banana number one of the day). 2 seconds before they’re about to call for pre-boarding, they get a call at the gate. Our flight has been cancelled. A bird flew into the engine and the aircraft has to be serviced. Are you kidding me??! People are not PISSED off. There are two different sets of people flying back for their parents funerals. One had to get home today and the other had a little bit of time to get back before the funeral. What a mess. It seems they gave priority to those going home for the funeral, anyone elderly/in a wheel chair and those traveling with infants/children. For a while they had no idea what was going on. Head office blocked any flights going into Montreal and were taking care of the passengers for the gate employees. So when our gate agents tried to move us onto flights, they couldn’t. And the only 2 options to land in Montreal were via Calgary and Toronto. I wanted to make sure that I was on the flight that landed in Montreal first. We had to wait our turn to find out how we were getting home. The only direct flight that was leaving today, was the one I was on, and cancelled. I booked the direct flight because I didn’t want to start doing more than one take off & landing nor have to switch planes with a baby. It’s not easy traveling alone with a very active toddler. I managed though, without any issues.

So, instead of being home for dinner (with the 3 hour time difference), I just got in. It’s almost midnight. It’s late. Mack’s messed up and singing in his crib. My mom & dad came to get us from the airport. I had to fly via Toronto with an hour and a half wait there before taking off. A really nice “hockey family” entertained Mack in the Toronto airport while I ate a quick salad with the meal vouchers they gave us, and Mack ate yet another banana. He’s eaten 3 bananas today. It’s all he wanted to eat, and I wasn’t complaining since he was actually eating something. We also made friends with this nice couple who were traveling with their 8 month old daughter. They’re Montrealers and live in the city. The husband had a familiar face but we tried playing “Jewish Geography” but couldn’t find a connection. Very nice couple. Helped me a bit since they were 2 and their daughter was fast asleep (lucky them!)

I’m glad to be home. Sean made Jamie promise I’d wake him up to say hello once I got home, but he had a nightmare just after I put Mack into his crib, so I went in to comfort him. I got the hugest hug from him ever. I missed him so much. I had a great time, but it’s nice to have my bed & shower back. Comfort of your own home. Off to go enjoy those now. I’m beat & Mack’s jet lagged.


g-girl said...

whew. glad you survived the airline issues. i'm sure you're over the moon about being back at home with all your guys. :)

Tara said...

Ugh, as if travelling with a toddler isn't hard enough, right? Still, it was worth it, no?