Wednesday, April 14, 2010

04.14.10 :: 95 weeks old

Mack is 95 weeks old today.
Took the boys outside to play once they got home from daycare. Ahh, spring!

Sean’s obsessed with his Flyer Trike.
Mack was actually freaking out that he couldn’t ride it (as Sean was on it).
I have to find where I put the Rock and Ride Mack got for his 1st birthday,
so that he can ride it outside along side Sean.
I love this photo. I caught Sean in the air, jumping off the slide.

”Daddy, come sit here next to me, I want to tell you a secret”
The Sock Yarn Blanket is frogged. It’s no more. I just couldn’t. I didn’t have it in me to spend another 44 + hours on just the squares I’d need to “square it off” and then do all the triangles to square the edges so that I could line the back. (No way was I weaving in all those ends). The balls above will go to my variegated Babette (version 2).

And these bits above, went into the garbage. (Crappy yarns I really didn’t like the feel of, or the color).

Tonight I went out with some friends. I worked a bit on Jamie’s socks, and then more on Babette. They’re both coming along nicely. Babette (v.1) now has 78 squares. Jamie’s socks are adding in length. (He likes them tall on his legs, especially in winter).

Alright, going to go hop into bed and read some more in Spin. It’s really good! I want to finish this book in time for my trip to Vancouver so that I can start a fresh book on the plane, and not have to take a book I’m almost done. I think I can finish it before I leave. (That’s what I’m hoping anyhow!)


Big Girl Feet said...

Awww your guys are so cute!!
Dang- your blanket hit the dust! That sounded like a hella lot of work to finish it, I can't blame ya!
And nice for reading on the plane! can't wait to finally meet you!! Not long now!

Amelah said...

Aack! Can't believe you frogged it! I could never do it LOL! If you have any extra skeins you don't need from it - I will gladly take! Then again I problem have most of them anyways!

The boys are too cute! So what was Sean's secret??

Bea said...

So glad you frogged that. It totally needed it. You didn't need to waste your time finishing it. Jamie's socks are coming along really well.

g-girl said...

that was really nice of you ladies to give maggie such a great gift basket. :) very cool shot of sean jumping off the slide! I love those shots. congrats on making the decision to frog your sock yarn blankie and not regretting it! hey, what's spin about? i tried to do a search for it and couldn't find a summary. have a safe flight!

Tara said...

Maxime just got a Radio Flyer scooter. It's da BOMB, dude. Word.