Wednesday, April 07, 2010

04.07.10 :: 94 weeks old


Mack is 94 weeks old today.
I love going to the mailbox to see it jam packed. 2 books I ordered, a magazine, some free diaper samples and some other items. Fun! No bills today thankfully!

I was feeling completely drained today, (maybe it’s the rain) but decided it was a good idea to go out for a bit to knit/crochet. I worked on some more squares for babette, doing another 3 while out tonight. I’m addicted. The crochet up so fast. (20-30 minutes a square).

Today, somehow, I broke the door on my D60. It’s the door for the memory card slot. Technically I can just “put it back in” and use it broken. Since I don’t think a broken door is covered in my 5 year warranty that I have on the camera, I googled “d60+ SD card slot door” and found that someone had found the replacement piece on Ebay. Next stop, Ebay. 2 minutes later I bought a new door (buy it now) and it’s being shipped tomorrow morning from Toronto. I’ll either receive it Friday, or Monday. It seems like it’s just 2 screws. I hope it comes with replacement instructions, if not, I’ll call Nikon and ask them how to replace it. I don’t recall seeing anything about it in the instruction booklet, but I could be wrong. I tried to glue the plastic back to the piece still attached to the camera, but I don’t recommend (not one bit!) you doing that if yours breaks like mine did. I’ll let you know how surgery goes when the part comes in the mail.

Things I love today:

- This song. I keep playing it over.and.over again. I love it. I’m glad it’s stuck in my head.
- This ensemble.
- These 2 rings!
- This peeler!
- These or these pendants. (Oh, those would make lovely stitch markers!)
- This cake. (I know a certain boy who is turning 2 this June. I’m waiting to see if I can get the recipe.)
- This window garden!

Other links:
- Did you see these crazy young adult who bought an ipad and then whacked it with a baseball bat? Uhm, why on earth would they want to waste 500$? Please tell me!??


Amelah said...

I love mail, but hate bills lol.

Wow, very colorful cake!!! Cute pendants!!! And the peeler made me laugh!!! So funny!!

Yeah, I hate this weather too! Makes me tired and sleepy...

g-girl said...

good luck on the memory card door surgery! love all the cool things you've shared..i've seen that cake done before (on the internet). the pendants are adorable!

Bea said...

Hi Maggie! Sorry about your camera door. Is the cake just white cake that's been dyed with food coloring and then stacked?

Tara said...

I lost the lense cap for my Nikon :( I *just* got it, For Pete's Sake!!!