Thursday, April 15, 2010


Drive by posting in Random Thoughts:

- The contractors are done their work! They honoured their word of being out of here before the weekend. YEY!
- I’m still reading (and really into) Spin by Catherine McKenzie.
- I love this photo of Bob. You know, the Ravelry dog.
- Saw this cute tutorial on how to make a pillow dress for. What a cute DIY project!
- Habs Won tonight in overtime 3-2 against Washington. Whomever said we’d lose 4-0 in the series was WRONG! GO HABS GO!!
- I love Les Savonettes de Minette. I’ve given their soaps before as gifts. They’re so cute. Handmade in Drummondville, Quebec.
- I can get lost for hours on this photo editing site.
- Free pattern for a Crochet Flower Hot Pad.
- This knitting machine is made out of Lego! How cool is that?
- I am up to date now (finally) on Parenthood. What a cute show about 4 siblings and their lives as parents.
- If you’re looking for a free book (in PDF format), and you like vampires, here’s a link for you.
- Working hard on both Babette & Jamie’s socks.


Bea said...

Drive by posting is really nice sometimes. I'm glad the contractors finished.

Big Girl Feet said...

Yay! I'm glad the contractors are done, and on time!
You've been busy busy!!

Amelah said...

Glad they kept their word! Habs are off to a good start!! I have faith!! Cute dresses!!! Yeah I read that book by Stephanie Meyers, it is a shame she won't finish it and publish it! She would make a killing in sales if she did though! I would still buy it [even though I read it online] and read the ending!

TROIS OISEAUX - Kimber said...

ooooooh is so much fun - thanks for letting us know about that!

g-girl said...

you watch parenthood too? i'm one episode behind! they used to re-air the new episodes on saturdays and they didn't yesterday for some reason! hey, did you watch 'how to make it in america?' i kept meaning to ask you about that show! glad to hear the contractors are finished. :)

Tara said...

That Midnight Sun book is just a tease! It's unfinished... *sigh*