Thursday, April 22, 2010



This morning we headed out first thing to Woolaroo.
I had a small wholesale order to pick up for a customer and I wanted to go see the shop.
I did pick up something for myself, which I bought with birthday money.
(Gift = not part of yarn diet!)


After lunch, we headed with Cynthia’s mom to her local knit group at the Mission Library.
We had a nice time chatting with the ladies and I worked on Jamie’s socks.


After the knit group we ran a couple of errands, to pick up some supplies.
We also checked out Chilliwack Wool & Craft shop.
There, I also got myself a small gift, as part of my birthday present.
I was given some birthday money before I left to BC to use specifically for this.
Yarn is permitted this year on my yarn diet, as gifts only ;)
I think I’ve been soooo good this year so far anyhow, not buying a single skein of yarn.
I think a little birthday yarn shopping is much well deserved.
I figured I could stretch my birthday money, and
get at least something in each yarn shop we visit.
(Pictures of said yarn are to come, shortly).


I had forgotten Mack’s toothbrush back in Montreal.
(On purpose actually, because he needed a new one).
Anyhow, once he got his new one, he just wanted to brush his teeth.
He didn’t care he was in the car.


Tonight, after Mack was in bed, we set out to do crafting project #1 :: Dying yarn.
We made a little bit of a mess, but had a wonderful time.
None of this yarn was bought, it came with me from home.


We each dyed up a bunch of yarn.
(Mine are the complete left pink ones on the left hand side,
as well as the lot of indigo ones on the front bar complete left side)


I also dyed a few solid mini skeins for Babette v.1.


Once we were done dying and had cleaned up, we sat in the living room, watched some TV and knitted or crochet. It was nice & cozy and relaxing. I had a really good day today, and can’t wait to see what tomorrow brings.

Though, I had a little bit of a piss off today. I realized that Westjet airlines have now broken another stroller I’ve flown with. They broke a part on a stroller I flew with back in January when I went to Florida. This time, they broke the entire parent caddy off the stroller. It’s quite annoying now that the part isn’t there. It looks like a chunk is missing from the stroller on top.

The reason I only realized today and not yesterday is because I was the last one off the airplane because I was traveling with Mack and had to wait for them to bring me my stroller in the first place. As I was putting Mack into the stroller, one of the stewardesses put my diaper bag purse, and sweater over the handle bars of the stroller. I did not even see that there was a piece missing. The stroller got folded up quickly when we got the rental car and put into the trunk. I only realized today when we opened up the stroller to use it.

Anyhow, I’ve filed a complaint with Westjet, but I don’t think it will get resolved until tomorrow. I will keep you updated to let you know what is going on with that. I even checked a bunch of places today (2 different Walmarts, a Zellers, Canadian Tire, etc to see if I could find a stroller caddy (Jolly Jumper makes one). I found nothing. I also called Toys R Us in the Vancouver “metro” area, and the caddy exists in their computer, but they (nor any store in the area) don’t have any in stock. It’s on back order until May 2010. That does me no good. I will be calling back Westjet tomorrow. I’m also going to try calling the manufacturer of the stroller to see if that piece can be replaced.

Just my luck. I can’t fly with Westjet without them breaking my stroller. That’s 2 for 2.


Amelah said...

I guess another vacation for you lol, can;t believe that! Just your luck! Damn West Jet!!!

Looks like today was a fun day! Yarn shops & dying wool! Yeah! I still have the kits from you to dye that I have not done yet!! Have fun :D

kristo said...

Hey! I live in Mission! If I had known you were going to be so close, I would've invited you over for knitting & coffee! (or to take the kids to the park with my kids!!!)
Oh, and, by the way, I didn't even know Mission had a knitting group! I'm going to have to try to find out more about it.

Kerry said...

The yarns look amazing Robyn! You all did a fantastic job. Now I can't wait to see what you all knit up with them. :-)

Mack is too cute with his toothbrush in the car. Dailaesse still loves to brush her teeth too. She's often found wandering the house with one. We keep them in several different rooms for her.

g-girl said...

love the pic of mack on the floor. lol. :) looks like you had a busy knit-filled day. all the newly dyed yarn is so pretty! sucks about your stroller. :P

Tara said...

You've done an amazing job staying on the yarn diet, Robyn. I couldn't handle it! (But I've cut waaaay back this year).