Wednesday, April 21, 2010

04.21.10 :: 96 weeks old


Mack is 96 weeks old today.


Today after sending Mack to daycare for the morning, I finished up some errands around the house, got some last minute things together, and then my mom picked me up & we picked up Mackenzie on the way to the airport. Mack & I headed on our way to Vancouver International Airport.


I tried to get Mackenzie to sleep.
We had an entire row to ourselves on the airplane.


“Look ma, I’m napping…”

I tried to read my book, but someone decided he wanted to read it instead.

We got the Habs game on TSN on the airplane, and we got to watch the 1st & 2nd period. Mack finally fell asleep on the plane and slept the entire 1st intermission of the Habs game, and for half of the 2nd period. By the end of the 2nd period, with 11 seconds to go, Washington tied the game 2-2. We had been winning. I only found out after we were settled this evening that the Habs lost badly. 5-2 I believe.

Mack was pretty good on “both” flights. (We had to make a pit stop on Winnipeg to pick up passengers but didn’t get off the airplane). He flirted with the stewardesses and said hi to other passengers, and was really cute.

Once we landed, we met up with Cynthia & Bea, and got my luggage. We got the rental car, loaded everybody & peverything into the rental van. We headed to Mission, B.C.

Once we got settled in, Mack decided that he wanted all of Starr’s balls for himself. Funny kid. The two of them were fighting over the balls. It was really cute. I think we’ll have to go out and buy a few more balls tomorrow.



Amelah said...

I wish 5-2, we lost 6-3! They pulled Price with 2 minutes 30 on the clock and Washington scored!!! Then they pulled Price and with the last minute they scored again. It was brutal. Although the Habs played well up until then!!!

Mackie is so cute lol. Mack vs the dog!!!

Kerry said...

Awww...Mack is so cute! I'll bet Starry is having a great time having a small friend to play with.

g-girl said...

glad you two made it safely to vancouver intl. airport. how lucky to have had an entire row to yourselves! :)

Tara said...

Hey, if the balls are on the ground, they're fair game! (Maxime does that with the kitties' balls all the time).