Monday, April 19, 2010

04.19.10 :: 172 weeks old


Sean is 172 weeks old today.


I caught my boys in a nice moment today, “napping” together. They were making sure that Monkey was taking a nap. So cute. I love it. Sometimes they are so sweet with each other. (When they’re not sitting on each other that is).

I love the sight (and smell) of spring. Flowers are blossoming in my garden!

I started a new project today (cuz I can’t be monogamous of course). I started version 2 of Babette. The first Babette I’m making is solid/semi-solid/tonal yarn bits, and this one will be multi-colored. I think it’ll be fun!


I’ve also made great progress on Jamie’s socks. It’s coming along!


I hope he likes them!

Today’s Faves:

- This image.
- This image.
- This image/flowers.
- I have a fear of balloons, but love this image.
- Can’t wait to go here. Thanks to my sister for the early birthday present of a gift certificate!
- I've got less than 80 pages left in Spin.
- I finally went through my PVR and went from 113 episodes behind on Oprah to 56. Some of them were repeats. Some of them I'd actually watched. Some of them I don't care for. I can't wait to finally finish catching up on Oprah. It'll be a while though. Thankfully it's in the last season, so I can't stay too far behind forever, right?

Today's Hates:

- The Habs lost badly to Washington tonight. The Capitols now lead the series 2-1. Bah!


g-girl said...

jamie's sock is knitting up pretty good there! :) i like the pattern from what I can see. your babette #2 is definitely going to be fun!

Amelah said...

Babette #2 looks cool.

I need to get a foot model for my socks lol. It's kind of creepy though.

Your very welcome on the gift certificate. Buy something pretty :P Made my life easy.

Like the pregnancy thing where they included baby in last picture!

Dawn ;) said...

Wow ~ haven't been by in forever. Missed reading your goings on. Love the new look and you look fab my dear. ;D

Tara said...

Too bad they don't actually NAP when they play nap, eh? :)