Saturday, April 03, 2010


Today was absolutely gorgeous. We decided to go outside in the backyard to eat breakfast & then play. I spent time to put the new stroller together. I had chucked one of my umbrella strollers as it was broken, and wanted something with a tall handle/lightweight/has a basket for my next trip. I got one just recently at Walmart (matches my duvet cover!) and so far, I love it.

This afternoon I ran some errands with Mack, while Jamie took Sean to the driving range.

This kid makes me smile.


Late afternoon we had a playdate with Jamie’s friend & his wife who are visiting from Calgary. Jamie went to elementary school & high school with this friend, and they come in every year for the holidays. Their daughter is 7 & their son just turned 4. Our 4 kids played very well together today. It was gorgeous out today, a high of 25°C (77°F). I just checked online, and here were the highest temperatures for the last 4 years on April 3rd:

2006: 12.5°C
2007: 9.9°C
2008: 7.5°C
2009: 17.3°C

I’m just shocked that last year was even that high. I don’t recall. Though, today’s high of 25°C. Tomorrow, they’re calling for a high of 16°C. Last year, the high was 9.6°C. Mother nature is not sure what’s going on. It’s okay though, I like this beautiful weather!

Sean even got a story in his bed from their daughter.
I had no idea they were in his room, at all.
I just so happen to have had my camera with me when I found them.
I think he likes having older girls in his bed.
I think I’ll have to keep my eye open very widely!


After a lovely dinner, they eventually headed home & I finished up some red and worked on babette. I also worked on the sock for a swap pal. I’m already on sock number 2. I wish I had this much motivation to work on socks for myself, I have a ton of single socks that need my attention, as well as a pair on the needles for Jamie. (I will get those done soon. It’s in the plans.)


Amelah said...

Sean looks really good as a goalie, although it's making me hot looking at him in all the gear!

Big Girl Feet said...

Lucky you for the nice weather! I hope it's nice here when you come- it should be!
And I'm the same for socks- I just threw out a bunch of singles that I never finished the second ones for, they were stressing me out- LOL!

Bea said...

Wow your weather matches ours pretty well yesterday.

g-girl said... better keep an eye on sean and older women in his bed. lol. cute shot of the two girls playing field hockey with sean! :) glad to hear that spring is starting to peep her head out over there. :)

Tara said...

Hah! I doubt the whole "come and read me a bedtime story!" like will work when Sean's in high school. LOL!