Friday, April 23, 2010



I love the view in B.C. Almost anywhere we’ve been, there’s mountains in view.
It’s breathtakingly beautiful.

Our first stop was to Dressew.
Yarn, Fabric, Notions & more.
A definitely go-to place if you’re visiting or live in B.C.


The next stop was to Button Button.
What a cute little shop full of buttons.
I picked up a shawl pin & a few buttons & some button shanks.
Also a definite must go to place, right next door to Dressew.


Saw this really cute minature in Button Button.


Mack’s been doing pretty good in the stroller in all these places.
Though, I’m sure before long he’ll start to get annoyed.
“Mommy, another yarn shop?”


He loves to wear sunglasses. It’s too cute.


After Dressew we went to Mayfair News, Chapters next door & then to Earls for lunch.
I had a very yummy dish, Mackenzie barely ate his chicken strips,
but enjoyed the fries from Bea’s plate instead of the ones on his own.


Peek-a-boo, I can see you!


Bunny needs some juice too.


Mackie & I.


After lunch we headed to Three Bags Full on Main Street.
I had a gift certificate waiting there for me at the cash, from my sister for my birthday.
Thank you Amy!
I picked up some Noro with my gift certificate.
Bea also got me a skein of Sweet Georgia sock yarn as well for my birthday.
Thank you Bea!


After that we headed to Quilt Essentials.
On the street in front they had these really neat benches!



We also picked up some cupcakes & scones at Tracycakes.


I saw this in the shop. So cute.


This evening after Mack went to bed we set out to do some crafting.
(Sewing to be in specific).


They helped me finish the “box” bag that I started in my sewing class.
It turned out more rectangle than anything.


I like it though. It still is very functional.


Then we made 2 tool belts, one for Mack & one for Sean.
We used this tutorial to make them.


They helped me cut, but I did all the sewing myself.
So very proud of my sewing job.
I’m starting to feel a lot more comfortable with using the sewing machine.
I hope the boys like them.

I resolved the stroller issue with Westjet. I now have yet another travel credit, and the replacement part that they lost is in the mail to me, to my house. It’s kind of annoying to have no caddy on the stroller, which is a feature on it, I do actually use a lot. I wonder where I’ll be flying to next?


Kerry said...

The tool belts are SO cute!!! You really did a great job. The boys are going to love them for sure!

Love the way the bag turned out too. You should be very proud of yourself for all your craftiness!

g-girl said...

wow. the view, dressew, button to button and those cool benches are so far great reasons to move to BC. ;) the miniature you found is adorable! three bags full looks amazing!!!! look at all that yarn! (oh yeah, forgot to say in one of the previous posts that you are doing amazingly well on your yarn diet! you're definitely entitled to some gift yarn!) the tool belts are so cool! :) glad you were able to resolve the stroller issue with westjet!

Amelah said...

The tool belts look awesome! I am sure Sean is gonna love it! So much fun stuff! The benches as I mentioned on FB are cool!! I really need to learn how to use my sewing machine! Blah lol.

Wow, so many buttons! I actually need to find some for my Henley Perfected! Any recommendations of good places to find in MTL?

Glad you found good use of the gift certificate! Enjoy!! Can't wait to see pictures of which yarn you bought.

papermonkey said...

Looks like you had a great time in Vancouver! I didn't get out to Three Bags Full so I'm going to live vicariously through you!

sweetgeorgia said...

Wow! Looks like such a nice trip... I'd never heard of Traceycakes before but it looks so nice!

I hope you enjoy your yarn too! :)

Tara said...

Nice tool belts! I'm sure the boys loved them :)