Tuesday, April 20, 2010


I’m loving spring. I love the smell of the flowers. So refreshing. These flowers weren’t in bloom yesterday. Today :: Full bloom. I can’t believe how fast they all just opened up!

I love being surrounded by spring!

Today I did last minute laundry. There were a few pieces of clothing I wanted to make sure I had for my trip, as well as make sure that all of Jamie’s & Sean’s laundry was done (and put away – I’m very proud of myself for being 150% on top of that recently!) before I left. I wanted them to NOT worry about the laundry while I am out of town. Triple checked my packing list. Removed things from my suitcase. Added other things to my suitcase. Hoped I didn’t forget anything. I leave tomorrow for one week, with Mack. Sean’s staying home with Daddy, and hanging out with my parents & his Auntie Amy too this weekend. Hopefully he won’t even notice too much that I’m gone. My suitcases are just just under the weight limit. I’m allowed 2 checked bags but Mack none because he’s flying for free, so I have to be careful with the way I’m packing. Making sure that everything is in there! And whatever I forget, if I do, there are stores where I’m going, so I’m not worried.

Eugenie stopped by to drop something off, and ended up coming in for Milk & Cookies. It was a lovely to see her. It’s always nice to have people visit during the week!

I’m very excited today about my trip. I don’t know how well I’ll sleep tonight. I have 36 pages left in Spin, and I’m going to go finish it now. Still haven’t decided on what book I want to read on my trip, but I’ll pick one out tomorrow morning, hopefully it’ll be the right choice.

I will have internet while I’m in BC, so I will be checking my emails (gmail only) and I will be blogging! You’ll get to see what trouble Bea, Cyn, Mack & I cause!


Might.not.sleep. (Well, I eventually will… LOL)


Balkan Style Bloggers said...

Have a safe flight! And then have lots of fun! :)

Caroline said...

Have fun Robyn! Take lots of pictures!

Amelah said...

Have a safe flight! If you have skype and are around on Saturday, msg me and you can say hi and see Sean! I will keep him ery busy! I am looking forward to my play date with him :P Have fun, and enjoy your EARLY birthday present.

g-girl said...

so nice of you to make sure all the laundry was taken care of and put away before your trip. have a fantastic time!!!!!!!!

Tara said...

Um.... hope it was a great trip! LOL!!!