Saturday, April 24, 2010



Somewhere on the way to Richmond, BC, there was these neat hub cap statues.

Today we met up with Carol in Richmond, BC, to go to Daiso.
Daiso was awesome.
I found some crafty stuff there as well as some toys for Sean & Mack.
It was a really fun/neat store.
I wish I had more time to wander the aisles in there. Maybe next time.


After Daiso we had some lunch.
I ordered a Chow Mein dish, and Mack wanted my lunch instead of his chicken strips & fries.
He thought he was funny.


Mackenzie wanted to show you his new tool belt.


Though, he wasn’t sure why it was wrapped around him.
I don’t think he likes to be confined in things. (Like strollers & car seats too).


This bathroom in the mall that Daiso is in, is the coolest bathroom I’ve ever seen.


Self-portrait with Bea.


In that same bathroom, they have the neatest hand dryer.
(It’s manufactured by Dyson).


After we headed to a mall across the street in the Yaohan Center to go grab a Bubble Tea.


While we waited for our bubble tea to be ready, Mack made some phone calls.


I ordered a Kiwi Bubble Tea with Coconut Jelly.


It was to die for. Wow.
Does anyone know if there is bubble tea in Montreal?
If so, where?


On our way back into Mission, we stopped at my friend Kristy’s house. She was reading my blog and had no idea I was in Mission. She invited us over for a playdate. Mack was so happy to play with other kids. Kristy’s kids are Kaylen who just turned 3 and Kenzie who just turned 1. (Yep, that’s Kenzie – not short for Mackenzie though). Ironically Kristy lives around the corner practically from Cynthia.


This is a picture of Mack & I with Kristy & Kaylen. Apparently Kaylen was so happy to have a playdate. After we left, she asked her mom all sorts of questions :: "Where's Mack?"  "Why did he have to go?"  "Where will he sleep tonight?"  "What toys will he play with?"  "Where does he live?" Too.cute.for.words.

Off to go do some more crafting & hang out with Cynthia & Bea.


Marlene said...

Wow, those kids look just like my granddaughters. Oh, wait. They ARE my granddaughters! Ha. And your friend is my daughter.

Caroline said...

You can definitely find Bubble Tea in Montreal (I know there are a lot of places to find it in Chinatown). If you google Montreal-Bubble Tea I'm sure you'll find them. Here's one:

Amelah said...

Looks like a fun day! Guess it was good Mack got some play time! I am sure he has been good boy going to all the yarn shops :D Well that was cool that she saw you were there and contacted you!

Tool belt looks good on him!! ;P

Kerry said...

Mack is just too cute Robyn! I can't wait until you get home to see some new photos of Sean too. They are such beautiful, sweet little guys! Mack seems pretty pleased with his tool belt. Even if he isn't sure about having it tied around his waist.

I've never once heard of a Bubble Tea and would never guess by looking at it that it tasted good. LOL If I make it up to Parc Safari this summer we'll have to find one.

kristo said...

It was great having you all over... I'd invite you over more often, but it's a bit of a long drive. ;)

jeloca said...

There are a ton of places to find it around the Cote-St-Catherine area, but I got one in Fairview at the smoothie place. The flavor was amazing but I found it wierd to keep chewing my drink. :)

p.s. the toolbelt is awesome, I love the measuring tape on it!

g-girl said...

those hubcap statues are really cool! oooh, i had no idea you were gonna go to a daiso!! so jealous. funny pic of mack with his mouth full of chow mein!! looks like he loves his new toolbelt. oooh bubble tea. we don't have anywhere that serves it with coconut jelly. no fair!

Snarsh said...

There is a bubble tea in the Eaton Centre. But like a previous commenter said, a lot of Chinese or Japanese places will have it as well.

Tara said...

What the hell is bubble tea? :)