Friday, April 09, 2010


Today after work we went with my in-laws for dinner. It’s monkey see, monkey do. Sean drinks from a cup.

So Mack wants to drink from a cup.
Cup doesn’t work…

Ah, a straw works better. Yes!

I’ve been making progress on my Babette. I’m up to about 68 squares right now. It’s coming along. I’ve been thinking about how large I want to make it – and I think I’m going to see on the next nice day outside, to lay them all out on the grass and see how large it comes.


I’ve been thinking about my hair a lot lately. This picture was taken on August 14, 1989. I’ve always had long hair. I love my long hair. I’ve had really short hair too. I miss my long hair. My really long hair. You see, it’s times as being a mom of 2 (energetic) boys, that I have absolutely NO time in the morning to do my hair. I am a very low maintenance kind of gal. Who has time to do their hair? (People with no kids!) But Jamie likes long hair, and right now I’m totally missing my long hair, so I want to grow it out again. It’s just not growing fast enough!


Here is just after our wedding in October 2005. We had Jamie’s cousin’s wedding, and you can see my long hair. (Twisted to the side here for the wedding).


It grew again a bit long, and this is in March of 2006 just before I got pregnant with Sean. However, just 2 weeks before we found out in May 2006 that I was pregnant with Sean, I chopped my hair of in April 2006. (For now).

Do you have long hair? Do you have short hair? Do you find time to maintain your hair or do you not blow dry it? Straighten it? My hair gets very wavy when not blow dried (as you can see above). I hate how it feels when not blow dried straight, as it feels “messy”. So I have to think long and hard if I’m going to “maintain” it if it grows back this length. Though, I do really miss it. So I guess maybe I can try it at that length for a while (once it gets back to that length again) and see how I like it?


Caroline said...

My hair is getting super long (middle of my back long) and I'm a very low maintenance girl. I never ever blow dry it and like yours, it's wavy, but I don't care. That being said, I'm sick of it right now and I'm thinking of chopping it all off!

Balkan Style Bloggers said...

I grew up with long hair too, and it's been easier to keep it shoulder-length as a mum. It just takes too long to blow-dry AND air-dry when my hair is long. As it is, I put my hair up every day into a pony tail or in a bun! :)

Melanie said...

I miss my long hair (had it down to my butt for the longest time) but I don't know if I miss it enough to bring it back as it *is* a pain to deal with. Blow-drying it is the pits but if I don't it waves up and frizzes. Plus, there is no way I could dye it myself so there would be the extra cost. :(

Amelah said...

Well you know me, i have long hair and love long hair! Don't think i could ever go short - so we shall see what happens when I get pregnant, but I don't know if i could do it. In the summer it is easy - wash it, mouse & gel it, squish with a towel and done!! In the winter however, it is a good 45 minutes with blow drying & the straightner and that is after letting it air dry!!!

Gosh I remember the first time you and i both chopped off all of our hair when we were young!!! Never again LOL!!!!

Sarah B. said...

Try buying some of the over-the-counter pre-natal vitamins. It's incredible how healthy (and fast-growing) my hair and nails are when I'm taking them.

Bea said...

Well you know I have long hair. I've chopped it off and grown it out at least a billion times. Its curly though so it doesn't take as much work as yours would. I really just wash it in the morning, put a bit of hair serum in, and let the air do the rest. It helps that it doesn't ever get as cold here as there so I don't have to worry about wet hair outside in winter and/or what hats would do to my hair. Right now its halfway down my back and I can't decide if I want to cut it off or leave it.

Big Girl Feet said...

I used to have long hair, back in the spiral perm days- LOL_ but for me, I have such thick coarse hair, by the time I blowdry & straighten it which takes a long time for my hair, I'm a sweaty mess and it goes back to curly/wavy/frizzy. I cut it all off about a year or so ago & love having it short, plus it just suits my face shape better. I'm going for a trim on Tuesday- can't wait!

elizabeth said...

Okay, boy, I can really weigh in on this. When I met DH, I had long hair. Mine has some natural curl too, but the length made it just wavy. It was pretty and I liked it. After a couple of years, I cut it short on a whim. I liked it short, too. I kept it short for several years but the past few years it's been mostly shoulder length, which I finally realized is a horrible, non-flattering length for me.

About a year ago, I started letting it grow out. It finally got to a good length, but if I didn't blow it out, it looked unkempt. A week ago, I went and chopped it all off again and I am THRILLED that I did it! I didn't want to because I was afraid I'd look like a bowling pin, but then I realized that hiding behind long hair didn't make me look any thinner. I actually think my face looks better with shorter hair, and since I started working out at lunch again last week, it's SO much easier to deal with! Plus, once the summer humidity arrives, it won't frizz up like Rosanna Danna Danna's.

But you should wear your hair however you like! Good thing is - it'll always grow back!

Sorry this is a freakin' missive. I'm chatty today!

Manicmag said...

I have always had long or longish hair. Since i have VERY thick hair and a lot of it (probably enough for 4 people) and it is pretty curly i always was afraid that if i cut it it would be one wild huge bush.
Then i get cancer, go thorough chemo and LOVE the bald look. It is now growing back and i will finally dye it every color under the rainbow, or at the very least experiment with shades i was always to much of a coward to when it was long and i had so much of it.
That begin said, even after almost 9 months of have a buzz cut, i still find myself twirling an imaginary curl behind my ear with i am contemplating a complicated pattern.
Now,I am definitely growing it out as i miss my curls :)

Anonymous said...

Was that first photo taken at my mom's? I think I have that photo somewhere! Very cute!

You know my hair is long (almost to my waist). It lives in a ponytail most of the time. I never blow dry it, just a quick dry for my bangs. The rest either dries down on its own or I clip itup and it dries curly from being twisted. With kids it is always in a ponytail/clip, but it really bugged me until I cut bangs. At least with bangs it still looks like it is in a style when it is up/back.

g-girl said...

i had long hair as a kid too..but eventually cut it SUPER short (boy short) when in college and it was so easy to just wash and go! i have incredibly straight hair and i rarely blowdry. i think as a mom though, it'd be easier to have short-ish hair unless you got a cut/style that was low maintenance, you know? love your hair long though!

kate-the-enabler said...

I've pretty much always had it long sice about grade five...with one short-and-shaved-up-the-back in high school which i actually loved. I agree with you on how much nicer it feels when blow dried - but for now with the kids most days its wash-and-in-a-bun... sad when my version of 'getting fancy' consists of just drying my hair.... :) I loved seeing all you diffrerent hair photos...looking forward to seeing what you do next!

Tara said...

I was a total tomboy before I hit puberty, and only really turned into a "girl" when I had long hair. So I see your point about how great it felt. However, I've had it short for about, oh, 5 years now? And I love it, would never go back to long in a zillion years, much to Phil's dismay. I LIKE having to style it in the morning, it reminds me I'm just as important as the kids, that I haven't disappeared just because I'm a mum!